Yeah that’s right function before fashion. XPT

The only time I train with my husband and the boys is pool training days- three times a week. After all we are under the water so not too much talking (know what I mean?). Don’t you love my ‘no shame’ attitude?  My true ego is shining through.  I care more about the fact that my hair gets thrashed in my mask than the fact I look like a super silver dome head.

On this particular day we started our training by doing 10 sets of 10 jumps from twelve feet with a 30 lb dumbbell.  Remember, weight is more buoyant in the water.  I love this type of training.  Low impact on your joints, flushes your system, has an element of peace, and the water is very calming (back to that no talking under the water bit).  Oh, and you don’t think about or care to get on line or plug in; a real escape in a hard working kind of a way.

The thing I am always reminded of is to stay open and innovative in my training, and to figure out how I can keep grinding away without damaging my body.  Oh, and how not to ruin my hair during the process of course.
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Best, Gabby

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