Ocean ViewWhy all the layers?

There have been songs written about it, books, and classes taught about life’s treadmill.  I oscillate back and forth between wanting to go out and work, dominate these things of the world, consume, gain more status, show how smart I am, to just being, and making sure we have enough to survive the way I would like to survive.  Yes, who doesn’t dream of a chef, but being able to buy really good food is a true luxury to speak of.  What is that burning need within us to have to show everyone how great we are and how much stuff we have?  The ultimate grown-ups pissing contest.  I still feel my backside pucker when I get asked; “So Gabby what are you doing now just raising the kids?”

I have  a ton of wildly successful, bad ass, smart, talented friends, and they have not only increased the speed of their treadmill they jacked up the pitch too.  When I am around them I am so drawn to their magic, but I just can’t help and notice how much is orbiting around them.  Staff, events, demanding schedules, and just all the humans.  Not to mention most of them cannot sit still for a second.  I often wonder if the idea of a quiet moment does not just send them into a fit of horror.

I get fending off boredom, but this is a deeper level. Conversely I look at myself and even Laird and the choices we make, and can’t help but think we are kinda boring. Really?  Is there never just an easy clear path to follow? It would start something like this; for the proper combination of being cool, and fun to healthy, hard working, and with the ability to keep it simple.

In a Week
Drink 4 cocktails, but no more than 8 (unless you are an alcoholic)
Just dance around your house
Sleep between 42-48 hours a week
Say I love you to family 7-21 times a week
Train 5-9 hours
Laugh no less than 5 hours (what’s that 45 minutes a day), not smiling a belly laugh
Swear at least once a day even if it’s under your breath
and you could build it out from there.

Just when you get your life going in one direction or the other you realize you may have taken it too far.
I clearly don’t have the answers just a ton of observations.  I know get in line.  The only thing I know for sure is that more and more of the wrong things don’t  make you happy.  More drama, more things, more obligations all just become a burden.  More time, more love, more meaningful conversation, never seem to fail you.

As I get older and life does get more complicated with kids etc, all I want to do is keep chunking it out and making it all crystal CLEAR.  I want to get to the root of what is going to make me feel happy more times than not.  Because Lord knows happiness is not a destination but a friend that flows in and out of our lives.

I guess my point of rambling is STOP for a moment or many moments and ask yourself what you really need to feel calm and satisfied?  Even though the answer is not easy it is simple.