The importance of gathering around something good for you (and I don’t mean a manicure).

By Gabby Reece

I teach a free circuit class on Kauai three times a week (HIGHX).  I do this because they closed down the gym. I do this because I can, and I need to train (workout). It is a living class room for me, the people appreciate it, and at the end of the day why not?  I realize that three times a week is a lot but is there any reason you can’t gather a group to work out ONCE a week?  Come on you can pull it.  Saturday morning before the soccer games start? I can have up to 40 humans in my class, but I’m talking about 4 to 6 individuals getting it done together.  By the way I have one constant man named Ron in my class, and don’t discount the importance of some male energy.  Having said that if it’s a husband or boyfriend don’t boss him around or talk to him about his technique (bad idea).

Let’s talk about the mental approach I want you to take towards your once a week butt kick and firm session.

-Rain or Shine
It rains a lot on Kauai and my troops are there no matter what.  It’s not if you “feel” like it, it’s that you have already decided that you will be there.

-All Ages and Sizes
My room is filled with women from their late teens to late fifties.  Some of the participants are super fit, and some are just getting it going.  By the way some of the most fit women in my class are the ones in their mid fifties.  Don’t kid yourself there is no reason you can’t flip all the stereotypes on their ear.  Talk about courage we even have a guest appearance by Bethany Hamilton who is working hard and modifying as she goes (for those of you who don’t know, Bethany lost an arm in a shark attack while surfing).  No one cares or judges they just come to sweat.

-It’s Not a Competition
Everyone is just surviving for themselves and doing the moves to the best of their ability.  You don’t have to keep up with anyone you just have to work as hard as you possibly can for yourself.  If nothing else it’s more like a support group where you draw inspiration and energy from the others.

-Workout Socialize Later
I don’t let too much female clucking go on before, and never during the workout.  Save it!  Believe me there is plenty of time to catch up and have a laugh after, but first get in, get focused, and get the workout completed, and then chirp.

These classes create a sense of community and it is a chance to gather in a healthy way.  With everyone so busy these may often be the only time you get to see certain people. We offer you the circuits and encourage you to try and start a group in your zone.

*Don’t forget the LOUD music!  No one wants to hear their own or others huffing and puffing.

Best, Gabby

2011 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.