The Holidays are Upon Us

It all looks calm on the outside but the Holidays are upon us.  Some days it feels like a wave that’s looming and at any moment it’s going to break on your head.  Notice how I’m not actually holding Lairds hand, I’m gripping his wrist.  What would Freud say? Definitely don’t let that smile fool you? Then I think to myself “does it really matter if every single detail is perfect”? I observed just how uptight I’m getting every time one of the girls asks “how many days until Christmas”, and realize it’s simply not worth it.

Instead of enjoying all the “Holiday Cheer” I’m powering towards New Year’s like it’s a fire exit and I’m trying to escape a burning building.  Oh yeah did I mention Brody my five year old’s Birthday is January 1?  Throw out the tree and bring in the cake. I ask you, who is born on January 1?  I think the only one trickier would be December 24th or 26th.

Shows that God does have a sense of humor.

No wonder Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.  It’s simple: let’s gather, let’s eat, and let’s remember all the things we are grateful for.

I’ve done a lot of these by now and one would think I would have learned my lesson.  I’m trying to figure it out before the kids actually move out of the house.

We are healthy, together, have love, food, great friends, and are safe.  Amen, and it’s OK that I didn’t remember the triple A batteries for the toys.  We will survive.

To all of you from our family, Happy (chaos) Holidays!

What’s that great quote?
Christmas:  An event put on by women to be enjoyed by children and men.  I’ll take it.  If you need to have an extra glass of egg nog so be it.  Cheers.

Oh and how come in most photos it usually looks like my girls haven’t put a comb to their hair in about a week?  That’s right, I’m letting it go.