Recognize and Strategize Your Fitness Plan

Gabby Exercise
It doesn’t matter how many years I workout there are still so many days I need a kick in the pants to really challenge myself.

Working out in a way that is outside of my comfort zone, I don’t know how to remedy that any other way than to get a trainer or workout with friends.

You would like to believe that I could grind it out on my own, but the reality is I think there is about 1% of people who can really make themselves physically uncomfortable on their own.

It’s not right or wrong it’s just about human nature. The reality is people don’t want to put themselves in a position of pain, and are programmed for self preservation.

I believe this notion is connected to why people don’t want to exercise or in their view suffer. I need to work with others to really get fired up and make it count, but I don’t look at exercise as something that I have to suffer through. I know I will have to work, and at times suck it up, but the freedom I have experienced via movement is well worth it.

Figure out what kind of exercise that you would really enjoy working hard at, and grab some friends, and don’t be afraid to really work. There is no shame in feeling a little like “oh, time to exercise”, but quite frankly it’s a little bit a part of the deal. Sweating and moving is not like sitting down to eat a slice of heavenly chocolate cake. There is an element of work, and discomfort to exercise but the reward is well worth it. Please tell me one thing in life that is important or loaded with benefits that doesn’t take some kind of work. I mean even food that is “good for you” doesn’t taste quite as satisfying as the meal you wear on your hips.

Se La Vi, so let’s just attack it with all that we are, and create a world that helps us do what we need to in order to get it done. Whether you are a 9 to 5 grinder or pro athlete we all need a push. Recognize and strategize.

By Gabby Reece