RainCatcher and Fireworks

raincatcher 3The generous people of Malibu joined together in a celebration of life and freedom for the RainCatcher 4th of July Fundraiser hosted by Don Wildman (Founder of Bally Fitness).  The day of folly on the beach near Paradise Cove included live music and food trucks and concluded on a high note with a spectacular Fireworks display over the water presented by RainCatcher.

RainCatcher.org, the Malibu based 501(c) 3 non-profit, is dedicated to saving the lives of children and their families in the developing world by providing clean drinking water. The world water crisis is profoundly urgent. Over 6,000 people die each day because of water related causes; 80% are under the age of 5. Since 2009 RainCatcher has provided more than 700,000 children and their families access to clean drinking water.

If you have aspirations of saving the world or at least a little corner of it you may not be able to jump on a plane to Africa today but you can donate and RainCatcher can provide clean water tomorrow.

raincatcher 124th of July Fundraiser Event Committee: Tina Broccoli (Ambassador; RainCatcher, Chris Cortazzo (Number one Real Estate Agent in Malibu), Laird Hamilton (American Big Wave Surfer/Co-Inventor of Tow-In Surfing/Fashion and Action Sports Model, Author/RainCatcher Board of Directors), John McGinnley (Actor most notable for his role as Dr. Cox in Scrubs), Darin Olien (Creator of Darin’s Naturals, Co-Founder of Shakeology, RainCatcher Board of Directors), Hutch Parker (Executive Producer, RainCatcher Board of Directors), Gabby Reece (American Professional Volleyball Player, Model, Author, Sports Announcer, Actress, RainCatcher Board of Directors), Rick Ruben (American Record Producer, Former Co-President of Columbia Records, Founder, Def Jam Records , Lisa Slater (RainCatcher Board of Directors), Jeff Sweet (RainCatcher Ambassador).

RainCatchers upcoming Let It Rain Fundraiser will be held at the home of Terry Holbrook (Ambassador; RainCatcher/Actress) in Calabasas, California on September 28th 2013. Philanthropist and Media Industry Magnate Sumner Redstone presented RainCatcher a grant of $120,000 in support of this event.  Sumner Redstone and his family are majority owners of CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures. The Sumner Redstone Charitable Foundation seeks to advance aims that align with Sumner Redstone’s lifelong commitment to innovation, empowerment and progress.

Julie Lomakka; Development Director: RainCatcher

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