Pint Size Social Interview with Gabby Reece

Model, Athlete and Mother to Bela, 14, Reece, 5, and Brody 1 (and a half)

It is hard to believe Gabby Reece had time to sit down to an interview with us. Between running her successful online company, GoToGabby LLC, shooting workout videos, keeping that body in pristine shape and being a mom to 3 girls, she is one busy lady. Yet, when she starts to speak, you get the impression she can tackle 10 times that. Her latest project, The Honeyline, was conceived from the notion that all women have thei r own network of friends who they go to for advice, ie, their Honeyline. Gabby invited some of her expert and celebrity friends (Courtney Cox and Sheryl Crow to name a few), streamlined valuable information and put together this one stop shop.

We sized up GABBY in our pint sized interview:

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I didn’t realize the potential of what I could do in my life, I wasn’t raised that way. I honestly wasn’t looking that far ahead.

Are you ever not in the mood to workout?
Of course, but I am all about eliminating things that create me to fail. I say, treat it like an appointment or obligation that you can’t get out of, not an emotional decision. Find something you like to do; classes, hiking whatever. And do it early so you have no excuse not to work out. It is work, but there is a reward.

What are your favorite kids shops/brands?
For something really special, I love Bonpoint. But mostly, Old Navy. I think it is ridiculous to spend so much on one item that kids will quickly grow out of. I would much rather buy a trampoline or something that they can use. I have 3 girls and completely understand liking pretty things but always tell them a dress is not what makes you pretty. Who you are and how you act does.

What do you wish you had more time for?
I am the last person to get to just stop and hang out with the kids. My role as their mother is the one who prepares meals, organizes their schedules etc… I don’t wallow in it and getting it all “done” is not creative living either. Being creative and spontaneous takes a little more effort.

When your children grow up, what do you hope they remember?
That they were loved and could always count on us. Knowing that they felt safe and that we were “there”.

What is your key to balancing a successful career and being a successful parent?
The better you are as a parent, the crappier you are at work. I want to have a killer career, but not at the sake of the kids. I work as hard as I can as long as it is not impeding on my time with the children. It is a healthy balance. But I also know I’m lucky and have a luxury most people don’t. If I am on a photo shoot, I can bring my kids to work.

What is your favorite thing to do alone?
What is that? (haha) I am about 6 months away from going to the movies alone.

Your favorite thing to do with your family?
Anything really. But I love being at the beach, where the family is happy and I don’t have to manage everyone.

3 items you can not live without…
(her husband, acclaimed surfer Laird Hamilton chimes in “Me, of course”) My family, blackberry, mascara (I am a mascara girl, YSL or DIOR Show) a great pair of sneakers and of course, chocolate. (wait, that’s more than 3!)