Never Stop Believing

I admit that most of the time I am a push it/force it kind of person.  When it comes to my work I find myself always Chinese water torturing every aspect to death.  There are, in fact, parts of this philosophy that I agree with so long as it is connected to a solid vision and tons of hard work.  Then there are the times (this being one of them) that I do think it’s better to step back and give it a rest.

I have wanted to do this big picture business that would include on line and TV information, hard core, good athletic apparel, etc, however the pieces to the puzzle have not been moving together quickly and I have gotten frustrated.  Seldom do I feel like throwing in the towel (even though it does sound like a good childish line I blurt out in my mind similar to a private temper tantrum).

These are the moments that separate us from doing things, or not!  Can one endure the process it takes to “make it happen”?  Will I be able to transcend my own self doubt and impatience?  Is there an alternative?  None really.

This is the New Year and the perfect time to get after things, but I am actually easing into 2011 with a more relaxed approach.  I think this is the right time for this attitude so I can critique my strategies and not continue to beat my head against the wall.  If something isn’t working figure it out, change it up, or realize it may even be bad timing.

I have not stopped believing in my end goal, but I am realizing it is critical to do a re-evaluation as to how I am going to get there.  As quick as time goes by life can be a long race so one must know how to  pace themselves.  Reaching goals can be a daunting undertaking, but I think if you are realistic with getting there day by day all things are possible.

I have so few things figured out and am continually humbled by how much there is to learn, and ways to do it better.

I wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year, and here is to living in the class room of life.

Best, Gabby