Kaapan and Gabby

I have a joke with my dear friend Caridyn who lives here on Kauai that her real husband is my volleyball husband.  Caridyn actually grew up with my real husband Laird, and she is truly an amazing person.  OK, back to my volleyball husband who is her real life husband Coppin.  She and I joke because every Saturday while I base out of Kauai, Coppin and I have a standing date to play volleyball with all the boys on Kauai.
I get so much out of playing volleyball with him.  His attitude towards competition keeps me so calm and focused, and yet I have tons of fun that I believe it makes me play better.  Coppin doesn’t get all uptight.  He is about getting a workout, and playing the best he can; now having said that it’s easy for him to have that attitude because he is an anomaly.  Coppin has the type of athleticism that a professional athlete possesses; he just didn’t go that route.
I’m not sure if the photos capture Coppin in his real glory, but he is an inspiration.  For starters this father of four is fifty years old.  He works very long days, and weeks, but always manages to be disciplined about his training.  He is the example of what steady work your whole life long can result in. He is lightning quick, jumps like a rabbit, and plays through the pain.  Let me tell you it’s not like we don’t have aches and pain.  Coppin deals with cramping on a regular basis, and my right knee has been chronic for years.  This doesn’t stop us from playing, having fun, and working as hard as we can around our aches and pains.  Hey that’s life and when you exercise or do a lot of activities at some point something is going to hurt now and again.
I am diligent about my training but playing (yes, I said the word PLAY) volleyball brings me other things.  I get to challenge myself, win, lose, laugh, play against the boys, and stay young at heart.
I have a few great examples of playing and moving that remind me to get out there, and to always keep going for it.  My husband Laird is nonstop and good luck to a lot of twenty year olds keeping up with him.  Another great example is one of Laird’s best friends, 78 year young Don Wildman.  Don is the ultimate example of staying young at heart and using sport, play, and motion to help achieve that.  We all look to Mr. Wildman to remember what is important, and to keep having fun!  Work hard, take care of your health, and play hard.

Written By Gabby Reece