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My New Year’s Resolution

Here we go, again.  These past few months I have been really edgy and not sleeping well.  I have been trying to somehow fix what I want different in my life when I should be sleeping.  That’s productive; it’s like having a fist fight with yourself.

I realize that so much of life is about timing and faith.  Why am I spending so much energy pounding that square peg in the round whole? I’m thinking about work and my parenting skills.  The constant worry of if I am doing it the right way with my kids.  Especially since one of them has been going through a “phase” a little too long.  Work has been touch and go and I break it all down and mull it over and over with no change.

So, as you can imagine my New Year’s Resolution is to live more by that faith and leave the worry at the foot of the bed.  Isolate the worry to the waking hours and get that restorative sleep that helps me  function at a higher  level to deal with everything as it is.

My mini resolution is to minimize the time I spend on the computer and on line.  I start to realize what a genuine time suck it is and before I know it I am reading about other people’s lives instead of LIVING mine.  I think all of that stuff thrown at us is not NEWS but just a constant barrage of nothing.  At the root of everything I do I want to know where HUMANITY plays a part.  I watched the HUMAN EXPERIENCE which is a film that talks about HUMANITY.  I want to shut off my electronics and fear and live more in my HUMANITY.

Happy New Year, Gabby