My California Honeyline

I am going to give you an example of one of the many ways my Honeyline takes care of me.  I train with about 10 of my California Honeyline girls 3 times a week.  We all got together at a casual breakfast send off for me our last workout day until next April.  The ladies banded together and got me this beautiful bike.  A few of us had started biking this year several times a week, and this was their over generous way to help me keep it going while I was in Hawaii.

I think of them with every peddle as I start getting into my groove here on Kauai.  It is so beautiful here and I wish I could ride with them, but they’re with me in spirit none the less.  Even though this is a magnificent place, it’s still an adjustment going from one life and set of friends to the next.

My honeyline is making the transition easier and showing their support even when they aren’t’ with me in person. The true spirit of the honeyline is one for all and all for one, but sometimes the “all” come together and make it just about lifting up the one.

When I go riding I also feel like I am keeping up my end of our unspoken bargain by continuing to keep moving and doing new things.

Thank you girls!