Exclusive Interview with Gabby Reece

I consider myself a bit of a fitness buff, so it was a real treat to score an exclusive interview with one of my heroes, Gabby Reece. Gabby, 39, is a former pro-athlete, writer, TV host, and most importantly a mom. Gabby and I connected on the phone to talk about her new DVD set for expecting moms: Gabrielle Reece – Fit and Healthy Prenatal Workouts.

To prep for our chat, I watched Gabby work it out during her pregnancy and tried out the post-baby workout. I liked the succinct format. Even the busiest mom can find 15 minutes! Gabby is an appropriately motivational workout partner. She’ not overly chipper (you know the kind that makes you was to hurl a dumbbell at their grinning face during a particularly grueling ab series). She has a dry wit and snappy banter with her trainer, Mike Monroe.

When I caught up with Gabby, she was in Hawaii. I could hear the din of family life in the background. (Gabby’s got two little girls and a stepdaughter…in fact, Gabby’s second daughter shares an exact birthday with my baby girl—sadly that’s where the similarities end between Gabby and I). Here’s a bit of our chat.

Q. I was impressed that you shot this in such vulnerable stages. Most women would opt for the ‘smaller’ segment of each trimester. Tell me about that?

I am really tall (6’3”) , my pregnancy tends to come out a little slower. By appearing bigger, I make a non-verbal connection with the viewer. Plus, I wanted women to understand these workouts are not for professional athletes.

Q. Why the 15 minute time frame for each workout?

We’ve found that is the magic number based on feedback. People say, “I can deal with that…in my life this is what I can get in.” Pregnant or not, the number one thing that stops people from moving is that they don’t have time.

Q. After that what are the excuses?

#2 the economics

#3 do they don’t like it

#4 can’t get to gym

#5 no equipment around

Q. Hmmm. You take care of all those excuses. What will a mom need to do this?

15 minutes, dumbbells and a fitness ball.

Q. I did the post-baby workout and I had my daughter a year ago (it was a great routine). I was impressed you showed off your body so soon post baby.

We taped 10 weeks after I had my daughter and I had a c-section. My ego said, ‘ I am not so interested in exposing so much.’ But then I said ‘This is where I am, get over it.’ Editors note: she looks great and shows her enviable flat belly, in fact cover model ready at 10 weeks.

Q. How do you fit in time to workout?

I am brutally selfish about it. After breakfast when the kids are squared away I get in ,my workouts. Sure there are days where I feel bad. But I need I need to take of myself so I can be there for my family and my work.

Q. What are you fitness goals this year?

I am working on flexibility. Right before the New Year I started taking yoga classes. I am very aware that mobility is useful. It’s not just about how I look it also about how I feel.

What a generous and smart mom! To find out more tips, and see what Gabby is up to visit her Honeyline Website.

Want more? Check out Gabby on Train 360 on Online daily workout program to follow seven days a week. Every exercise is linked to a short HD video clip with Gabby and Mike demonstrating the exercise. All moves can be downloaded to your computer or ipod or accessed at anytime in the Exercise Gallery section.