Gabby Reece

Living in the Now

Break out your granola because I want to talk about being “present” with a small glimpse to the future.  I promise not to get too deep into the cliche’, but I must admit as each year passes this does become so much more of a focus.

Laird has been a wonderful influence on me in this aspect of my life.  He is very present and lives in the now and I tend to live a lot in my mind.  I could spend days and hours projecting about what is or isn’t happening and miss what really is going on.  I will even go out on a limb and admit to allowing things that don’t have anything to do with my reality influence my moods, thoughts and feelings.
Intellectualize it all you want I’m good at that, but what about the practice of it all?  Aaaah,  grasshopper now this is the tough part.  I can give so many things a big life in my world with my mind.  In reality they (a person or their words) have nothing at all to do with affecting the life I am living.  “Did you hear Suzie hates your guts?”  That only has to do with me when I give it breathe.  Now if Suzie comes to my house and throws a brick at my head, well, then yes now it has entered my zone.

We can teach our children about sticks and stones or reacting to what is happening, not what we thing is going to happen, but old habits die hard. In fact I find with age I have gotten worse about this.  Maybe it’s having children, worrying about their future, dealing with my immortality I’m not exactly sure I just know I’m attempting to do better.  I want to get lighter and freer with age.

People are most likely attracted to meditation and yoga for the simple fact that it encourages you to be present, let go of your fears and judgments, and oh yea, breathe.  No wonder I struggle with yoga.
For your personal humor I have committed to going to yoga twice a week, and while I am there to just be.  I am even working hard to not judge how dreadful I am at it or how bendy the little girls all around me move.  The minute I let go of my expectation is the moment I start to enjoy the process.

I am getting a jump start on my New Year’s resolution.  So Ommmmmm, now roll up your mat, put away to the pachouli oil and back to reality.  We humans are pretty funny, huh?