It’s Not Easy

By Gabby Reece

It’s just easier not to do the work, but will you get what you want? OK, I’ve been reading the comments, and I realize that at the end of the day, it’s just easier to eat tasty crappy-for-you food, and “not have the time” to exercise. I get it!

So what do you think is going to make the change? What cattle prodding or provocative article is going to change your priorities with respect to eating healthy? Will it take a doctor telling you that you’re about to have a heart attack? How about when you realize that you are 25, 50, 75 lbs heavier than when you were in high school? Maybe it will be that day you go to the store to try on clothes and get a real 3D shocking look at yourself in the mirror. Or when one of your kids comes crying to you concerned about your health? Do you need to get depressed to make the lifestyle change?

We’re all here on this planet making all these plans and not taking care of one of the most important gifts and assets we have in this life — our health and our bodies. I love our American culture just grinding away working and going for the mighty dollar. You know, because we all need more stuff to be happy.

Would it be possible to make the change right now? To do it before we hit some huge wall? To decide once and for all to stick with a regular exercise schedule and healthy eating program? It’s just science. Yes, there are people who have weird genetics that don’t get fat when they eat Krispy Kreme, but they are more the exception than the norm. You were not singled out to be fat via your genetics. Of course, you grew up in a certain household to particular parents, and that does influence the way your body looks today, but you still can fight that and control your here and now.

Is it fun? Grow up. What single thing in life worth having is easy? I think it’s so strange because for the most part, we’re taught that if we just work hard, we can make anything happen. Yet, we can’t seem to buy into that when it comes to our own health and bodies.

Get a friend right now and make a plan. Start three days a week walking or biking. Do something active three days a week for 30 minutes. Get your heart rate up. Once you get going, start taking a class together once a week. Split the fees on a trainer once a month. Mix it up and try to get creative.

Get away from the TV and computer and use that time for YOU. Here, I’ll make it easy — treat it like work. Don’t flake, just show up and get it done. I know the food is the most challenging part, but it’s key in this equation.

Watch your portions, don’t skip meals, monitor snacking, drink only water, eat real food, don’t microwave stuff, avoid the drive-thru, and if you’re questioning whether or not something is “OK to eat,” chances are you already know the answer. When I say it doesn’t come easy, that doesn’t mean it has to be total hell either. Get involved with your health and fitness life, and you’ll begin to see that there are a lot of ways to cheat, have fun, and still be successful.

Last nagging point, find ways to not let the stress get to you, and sleep, babies. Let’s go, people. This is it. You can do it.

2010 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.