I’m Not Trying to Fool You

I’m not trying to fool you; my life and circumstances aren’t perfect

Sometimes it’s easy to write a nice and neat entry and make it seem all peachy in my world.   Perfect family, perfect life, perfect ME.  I mean why do you think we have airbrushing?  I guess it got me thinking that I wanted to share not an organized thought or professional image.  I wanted to talk about taking my seven year old daughter Reece to the dentist because she has 4 cavities (one big one by the way on her permanent back tooth).  I can be as profound as I want when I write entries, but then I don’t really share some of the everyday cracks.   I noticed the black dot on her tooth so we loaded up the truck with my three year old and headed to the dentist.  I needed to stop along the way and get oral flea tablets for Speedy the dog, and squeeze in dropping off two car batteries that had the wrong attachments and do it all in enough time to get home to my workout class.

As much as living in California and Hawaii, and being married to an exceptional person, and having a blessed life is my life so  are days filled with getting it done.  Along with the questioning feeling of “is it my fault she has the cavities because I let her chew gum or have sweets”. Listen, my house is not filled with brown rice and Tempeh only.  I mean Laird can tell you I have a junk drawer for Pete’s sake.  I keep thinking not to make things taboo and that my kids won’t be sneaking around shoving butterfingers in their mouth every chance they get.  Yes, we lead by example of eating well and staying active, but there is a part of me that truly believes the back lash from totally withholding fun stuff from kids is not the way to go.  Of course there are rules and I say “NO” all the time, but it feels important that they get to discover why they are going to choose healthy foods for themselves.  Now having said that I don’t go to drive thru’s or stock pile soda in my house, but if they go to a movie with friends they are not going to be the only kid who doesn’t get sour patch kids.  No wonder Reece had that hole in the back of her mouth.

All along I question myself and my choices.  Am I too tough?  Maybe I should be tougher?

With this site my goal was to provide information to help you take better care of yourself, motivate you, remind you to cherish your health, and strive to be the most bad  ass  you there is. We are presenting these larger than life notions to get you to realize that greatness is in each of you, and how to live there.  This is not about being great and fit OR having a regular life.  This is about both living harmoniously (and sometimes not) side by side.  A true expression of all that we are.  Don’t think for one moment you can’t question yourself, have doubt, struggle, and be killer all at once.  I think they call it human.  Don’t let the one hold back the other.  Make peace with them.

Best, Gabby