I’m breaking down and giving in to commenting on the state of the attack of the Kardashians.

That’s it I give.  I have never written about or commented on the Kardashians, but after the 72 day marriage I just can’t take it.  I could care less that the marriage didn’t work, because I learned long ago what is between two people is just that; between them.  What I can’t take is being subjected to every move; the dating, the planning of the wedding, who is coming to the wedding, the actual wedding, the post wedding, the newly married situation, and now low and behold the divorce.  With all the important things going on in the world (wars, unemployment, natural disasters, and real suffering) why is it that everywhere I turn I have to know about one of the Kardashians?  This is not a personal thing about that particular family it’s what it represents I am discussing.  Shame on the media and us for putting so much time and energy around this subject.  Look at me I’m still going on about it and giving it legs.  Don’t we think it’s time to look away from such trivial things?  They as humans and as a family are not trivial, but what minutia that is getting put out into the ethos is.  WHO CARES, and by the way is this real life or a Dallas set?  I mean every house, car, hotel room, dress; everything is on some level PERFECT. Gimme a break already.  Shame on Ryan Seacrest who does such amazing work (Jamie Oliver’s food revolution) and then get behind this train wreck.  Granted, I realize the guy makes a ton of cheese off of it, and he is a business man, but what about when we lay our heads down on the pillow at night?

Ok, so one could say it’s a free world and people can choose to watch or not.  TRUE, but when the story pops up the minute I open my computer, or on 50% of the magazines I see at the market, or on the “news” when I watch TV now I have less of a choice.

I’m just upset because this is a reflection of where we as a culture are at.  I’m just as guilty.  We want change and real meaning in our lives, but yet we spend more energy on this make believe drama than we do on the change part.
For ourselves, our families, and the world we live in it’s time for a shift.  We have to start putting more energy into taking care of ourselves, our loved one’s and maybe time into the simple things of life.  Not aspiring for more makeup, bigger limos, and leaving the house with our fake eye lashes on.

This life is short and when it’s all done and said are we going to hold up the Kardashians or what they represent as a blue print on how to live?

Hey, give them credit for milking it for all it’s worth, but where does there trip end and your real life begin?  This is not about ragging on them it’s about us looking at our own selves and redirecting all this white light of attention from fiction to your reality.

I have three daughters and it’s a struggle for young woman to find their way as it is.  How do we put out cool images that they want to aspire too without creating unrealistic expectations that they then torture themselves with?  Have to keep trying.

I will say one thing; ONLY IN AMERICA BABY.

Best Gabby