I’m better off when it’s all about me

By, Gabby Reece

I just love writing some title that hopefully gets your attention.  Selfish wench!  I was reflecting on my athletic life this morning and I realized I’m good if I keep my eyes on my own path and destiny.  The minute I start looking at the scores of games and tournaments being played right now my minds starts to wander to the past.  To the sobering reality of that time in my life, that type of apex being over, forever.  The only reason I go there is because I am doing the math on which year players now were born, and mulling over the fact of my own entry onto the planet.

Same goes for the body, and material ownership.  When I follow my heart and LIVE MY LIFE I do a pretty good job of staying present, and being happy with the decisions I have made.  The moment I begin looking at someone else’s butt or stuff I miraculously become a bit more disgruntled and thrown off in my own life.  What is that; Pining for a time gone by, and not fully bathing in the beauty that is now, young children lying in my bed, the rich craziness of family, becoming all that I am new and exciting work adventures etc.  It’s all there right in front of me, and what a waste it is to be wistful (even for just a moment) about another time.  To look back with fondness and appreciation is usually the better way to go for me.

As everyone can attest to, time moves faster and faster as we progress through life.  One recognizes that Father Time does in fact knock at everyone’s door so why bother wishing to be anywhere else but where you are.  Talk about torture.  I decided to try to just suck the life out of each day then I won’t mind the years passing.

I figure if I can make memories a sweet movie that play in my head, and bring a quiet smile to my soul than that’s a fitting relationship to have with my past.  To remember all the beauty and experiences that have brought me to the very place I stand.

I do believe in using others as inspiration and reminders of what is possible.  When it comes to looking at their house or abs I’ll stick to my own mirror.

I celebrate the individual that I am and hope to continue to pursue my mission to the best of my ability.
My best to everyone, and cheers to the ‘you’ that you are.