Prepping for Weekend Madness!

By Gabby Reece

My family and I live in Malibu during the summer, which this time of the year is a destination.  Since there are so many people coming and going on the road I always make sure to have enough food so all we need to do is beach it and home it.  I don’t want to have to fight the crowds to grab a meal.

So in keeping this in mind my friend Harper invited myself and my youngest daughter Brody to go to the Santa Monica farmers market.  So we all jumped in my car and headed to one of the largest, kick ass markets I have ever seen.  I don’t even think we got 1/4 of the way through it.  Brody was a bit hot and cold so once the strawberry’s were eaten we were on borrowed time.  Plus, I’m never really prepared.  I always admire the pro’s with there skinny little two wheel carts.  Me, I’m weight lifting my bags by the fourth booth.
I bought fruit, cheese, wheat free bread, and some eggs.

Last night at dinner I started looking at the meal I had prepared and then it dawned on me that for three adults and two children our entire meal was about twenty two dollars.  Laird picked up some organic Rosie chicken, and the rest was from the market.  The broccoli which I mixed in a tiny bit of garlic and chive goats cheese for flavor, a variety of cherry and plumb tomatoes that were so good I just halved them and served as is, and  tiny gold potatoes that I boiled, dab of butter, and salted to flavor.  The meal was delicious, simple to cook, fresh, and surprisingly cheap.

I know the market takes a bit of planning to catch them on the right day (can’t tell you how many times I blow that one), and you can only buy so much produce ahead without it all going bad.  I just think as much as we can realistically get there the better.  The food is healthy, we are supporting our local business’, and it creates the chance to interact.  I even had one cute little lady try to jip me of two dollars and the guy in front of me fifty cents.  Yeah, roll up your sleeves and get out there!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend, and take in the nature if you can get it.  You will read me joking about the confines of domestic living, but I plan on sucking the life out of enjoying my crazy wonderful family and friends.  I am always reminded it is a gift to be surrounded by people you love.

Best, Gabby Reece

Oh yes, and try not to eat too much crap or drink too much booze.  Possible?