Episode #128: Gabby Reece Recap: Reflections & Projections, Revisiting Glucose, The Microbiome, Health & Fitness Tips & Tricks

Today is a solo podcast with just me, myself and I. I wrote down a couple thoughts but will be speaking from the heart as well. I’ve had some great podcasts this year; we will be revisiting and highlighting some key takeaways I still think about and utilize. I share updates with my health and next steps in new business ventures for Laird and I. I hope you find this episode a helpful reset and internal look at what systems you have in place. Aloha

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Key Topics:

Gabby Reece Recap: Reflections & Projections, Revisiting Glucose, The Microbiome, Health & Fitness Tips & Tricks

This episode will be a solo podcast with me and my thoughts. Hopefully, I can put them together clearly. For some reason, if you can see the video of this, I tried to write down a few things. I try not to be overly scripted because I want it to be from the heart. Let’s talk about the podcast. I had some great podcasts and one of the things that I thought was important to revisit was the podcast about glucose with Jessie Inchauspé, who wrote Glucose Revolution. If you said, “What is the number one takeaway,” I have to admit, I always thought, “This is something that is for people who are pre-diabetic or have diabetes. They need to be concerned with their glucose.”

She’s a biochemist and as you get into the details, the more we can avoid these big blood glucose level spikes and keep that curve flatter and more even, the better. It’s not only when people are interested in looking at their insulin and things like that, but skin, aging, oxidative stress, and all of these things, not to mention cravings and overeating, and all kinds of things.

I thought it was fascinating even with simple things like drinking coffee when I’m tired. What it does to my glucose is way worse than when I drink coffee when I’m rested. Another quick, easy thing to remember is if you have a plate of food. You and I can have the same plate of food but if you eat it in this order your fiber first so usually something, green or leafy, your animal protein and fat second, and then your carbohydrate or sugar last.

This impacts your glucose in such a much more positive way or less dramatic way and the numbers, the science on it showing the glucose spike, how significantly lower it is, and even the glucose levels and the insulin. I wanted to bring that up because it felt important. If you didn’t get to read the episode, I wanted to bring that back up again and experiment. I always think, take everything that we’re saying here, and all the other places that you’re reading and experiment for yourself because that’s important.

Another thing that was interesting is, let’s say you and I are sharing a meal and you’re in a certain way, a lot healthier than I am that my glucose levels might even spike less than yours. Sometimes we get these readings, and we think, “It’s not that bad,” but if we’re unhealthy or unhealthier, there are certain things that are not great and it’s the same with fried foods. It doesn’t jam up your glucose levels but, that’s usually not the best so that’s from a nutritional point of view.

I’m going to slide over to some business stuff. Laird and I, out of necessity and also out of desire, have been entrepreneurs in our entire careers and there’s always so much to learn in that. We have XPT and Laird Superfood, and then we have the business of trying to navigate the pretend part of the image. It’s not that image, but you do interviews, go out and do speaking engagements, and things like that. There are a few prongs to it but it’s been an interesting time in Laird Superfood.

Our other cofounder and CEO decided that it would be beneficial to the business to get somebody with real CPG experience in there so we have an incredible new CEO, Jason Vieth, and he brought along a new CMO, Andy Judd and so it’s been interesting and difficult. As things change or grow, a lot of the time the people who brought the business to where it is, don’t end up being by their choice or other circumstances, the people who stay on. I don’t want to say it’s been uncomfortable but it is it’s a little uncomfortable, especially when you feel allegiance to people who have worked hard and you’ve worked together but you also realized that’s how business is. I’m trying to pay attention and learn.

It’s been a dance. We have a board, a publicly-traded company, and stocks go up and down and those are also the moments where I take personal inventory. I feel like Laird’s better at this. Overall, if everyone is pretty good in our circle, our friends and our family, this is the way it’s going to go. Work is going to be going great and then it’s going to have harder times. It’s how we separate ourselves. How do we not hang our happiness on, “It’s doing well.” “The stock price is down,” or whatever because we can’t always control some of that.

This has been a real exercise and Laird is always good at this and it’s going well. How many of the important things are all of the important things okay? I want to share because sometimes I feel like maybe we look at other people and we go, “They have it so easy.” “That company is killing it.” Behind doors, there are always transitions and people coming and going, and not everyone’s always going to be happy. Not everyone’s going to love you and about the changes and that’s the price of practicing business. If you’re going through anything, I hope that it’s that remembering of separating lots and lots of feelings or trying to hope that people would react or feel differently versus being kind and doing the best you can but ultimately, sometimes that can be brutal.

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There’s something else for me that keeps showing up. I’ve been reading this book called The War on the West by Douglas Murray. I’ve been trying to get a hold of him to interview him. He wrote a book that I enjoyed during the pandemic called The Madness of Crowds. We know that everything is polarizing. It can be pretty well established in the media that the battle between all of us is good for business and sometimes there are people who are complaining. They may not have a lot of facts and it’s not about reasoning but it’s about high emotion and things like that.

I don’t know if it’s true but, in a time, when the world at least appears to be more polarizing. I’m trying to commit more and more to not only taking space from things and observing things but I also want to listen even more. I want to pay attention to all the nuances and to be more still. I don’t want to bite the hook. I’m not going to buy into that, “We all hate each other. We can’t coexist,” because that’s not true. I think it’s the way the messages get amplified because it gets more attention and that’s what that objective is.

If I could remind you, maybe limit the intake of too much news and even social media. I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon. If you want to find it, there are a ton of positive things on social media like people giving and being kind to each other. There’s a lot of humor. Personally, I’m no different than a lot of people. The animal stuff and the humor stuff or people being creative, the artistry and things like that, there is something inspiring there if you can tune out some of the other silliness or the one-millionth picture of someone’s butt or something. Not that that’s not nice, but sometimes you think, “Is that what is that the only thing that gets attention?” That’s not the case.

Speaking of artistry, that leads me to something I’ve been working on for months now which is an NFT project of Laird and his talk about education. I can even talk about it and still barely understand it. What I do know is that if you’re thinking of doing a project like this try to work with someone that has done it before. Learn from their mistakes and make sure that your utilities are lined up and certain things are buttoned up because you hear stories of maybe people coming in trust trying to make a buck. There was a big one where the coding was incorrect.

If you could work with someone on the first time, there are some cool things about ways to connect with people in this space even though it’s the Wild Wild West and unknown and certainly for someone like me, it’s almost like a foreign language. It’s been interesting trying to listen, pay attention, learn, and see how we can get involved in this world but in a way where there’s a plan because the hope would be how do we now connect here in this space and also what do we want to bring. It’s not what we want to take but what we want to bring to these communities. There’s always so much to learn.

My hip has been very sore. At first, I thought it was my groin. Starting in 2021, every time I would do anything that’s one-legged, I felt like my groin was tight and then it started progressively getting worse. I had a pretty particularly intense workout and then the pain goes from my groin up and underneath my glute and into the other side of my hip. I started thinking, “I’m going to be bone on bone on my hip.” That was in January 2021 or December 2020. It would even start to get stiff at my hip. I couldn’t lift up my need and 90. I don’t know if any of you can relate to this, but there’s nothing sillier privately than you have to throw your panties on the floor and pick them up with your tone and slide them up to your leg with your “good leg.”

Those are the things why I’m always so appreciative of health because I’ve been in enough of those situations that when I get there, I’m like, “Are you serious,” or you wish there were handles on the walls when you’re trying to go to the bathroom at 2:00 AM or something and your leg won’t bend. Long story short, I delayed it. I thought that I trained around it and then I started thinking how now I’m bone on bone and then I wanted to push that diagnosis off because I’ve already had my knee replaced.

I can’t help but think, and I’m sure this is not unique that you guys have ever thought about this, which is, “I’m melting. My bones are melting. This is what’s happening.” I pushed it off and I finally went and got an MRI. Imagine that. It was good news. I have a tear in my labrum in my hip, my left hip, and bone sperm so I’ll be going to the doctor. Probably mostly the thing to be dealing with would be the bone spur and I’m glad but Laird gets mad at me because he’s like, “You’ll take care of everyone else but you don’t want to get into it.”

It’s interesting because I talk to people and I interview people. If you join me on the podcast, you hear me talking about people about better ways to live and take care of yourself and all these things but I can totally relate because when it comes to me personally, sometimes I don’t want to know. I want to see if I can work around it or if it’ll go away miraculously on its own. I know it’s not the way but either I’m afraid or I’m afraid of what it can be, and of course, that’s always what happens.

Your imagination is oftentimes just that. You’re imagining something that’s certainly worse than what it is. I’m going to be going to the doctor and I’ll let you guys know what that is. It’s minor. Of course, I have arthritis in my hips. I’ve been training my entire adult life but it’s completely on schedule. It’s nothing particularly, “You have the hips of a 20-year-old, but it’s not that bad.” I had a solid three months that I was dragging my feet. If you find yourself in a situation, I would like to encourage you to find out what it is because then you can do something about it. When I say that, I’m talking to myself. I wanted to bring that up because that might be never-ending, especially if you train a lot of things. This stuff’s always going to happen.

Now that the world is opening up and things are gearing up, have you ever been more social in your life? It’s been interesting to be a part of getting to see people again and connected. You’re reminded of how important it is but I’m also reminded that now as we get busier, all of a sudden, I feel like I have less time to take care of myself. I’m happy to put the kids in front and take care of all of Laird’s business.

Gabby Reece Photo 1

Gabby Reece – Children are there to teach us. When they’re little, I’m getting patience. I’m learning to love someone in a selfless way. As we get older, it’s a way for us, as spirits and souls, to change some of our habits.

It’s interesting because oftentimes I will even respond to his business things prior to mine and I’m being reminded that it’s important to not only take care of myself but even maybe as time goes on, get creative about it. Why do I have to do the same things? Why do I have to be like, “I’m in the gym doing high-intensity training. I’m pull training and I’m eating in this certain way.” Why am I not exploring new ways?

We got a Pilates table. Sebastian Lagree has the best Pilates table ever because especially if you’re tall like me who’s 6’3” and we have some guys who come here that play football, they’re in the NFL and one guy is 320 pounds, they have a machine. I’m excited about this machine coming and I will be using it. It’s that reminder of not only do we need to keep taking care of ourselves but in what new way. It’s changing our supplementation. We’re moving into summer. It’s seasonal. We’re changing our skincare. That’s the other thing I’m learning. Even with that you could change maybe some of your sleeping patterns. Maybe we get up a little earlier because the sun’s coming up but also, we might eat a little differently, what’s in season, and what new activities.

One thing I do like about having daughters is that I can learn from them about new modalities of training or what else is out there. That’s been something I’m looking at because sometimes we even get systems in place of what’s working and then we do that. It’s a slow death if you will. If you aren’t doing anything, I would encourage you to make a plan and take care of yourself. Move around at least 4 or 5 days a week. It doesn’t have to be long but it just has to be consistent and then if you’re already rolling, could you add something new. That’s what I’m trying to do and that’s hard for me. It’s my own habit like everyone else.

Laird has a stand-up bike made by a company called ElliptiGO. You guys have maybe seen the slider and we live on a hill and so I used it to train. I was by myself and there’s no seat on this thing. I’m already way off the ground and part of me is like, “I don’t want to go by myself.” “I don’t know how to use it.” When I’m done, I feel so good that I did something where I felt awkward and a little bit even scared like I’m on the road with cars and all these things.

I want to encourage you if there’s something you’ve had your eye on or that grabs your interest to try it. See about it. I’ve been thinking a lot about that with language. I’m going to try to figure out how to commit to maybe brushing up on Spanish because it’s been a while. I swear I’ve been forgetting certain things and I think I need to use my brain in a new and different way. I’m going to be doing that.

Speaking of parenting, my daughter, Reece Viola, came back from Spain. It’s interesting when your children go away and then they come back and they’re their own people. It’s such a gift to be able to relate to them. I’m not trying to be anyone’s friend. I am their mom and I want to be that for them. I want them to feel like there’s this person who’s there but you do relate to them certainly more as their adult selves and there are a lot of things that she is much wiser than I am. One of the things that she’s been talking a lot to me about is this oneness idea. This is her own gift but she was also partially exposed to Byron Katie when she was 13 and since we had a relationship with her.

As people in our brains and what have you, we’re always separating ourselves from each other and from nature and from good and from bad. My daughter keeps reminding me, “It’s all one.” It’s all the same and I’m not kidding. To me, it’s finally been setting in. I’ve had a few more people who miraculously have come into my life that keep reinforcing this message and it’s hard to get your brain around right because it’s us and them and all these separations but when you realize it’s all connected. Even somebody who maybe criticizes us or we have a relationship or maybe there’s conflict. It’s still they’re you when you’re them a little bit. I’ve been trying to view things this way or live this way a little bit and it’s interesting how it shifts your perspective. Along with that comes comfort.

Byron Katie always talks about, “What you think of me is none of my business.” I feel when you can see it in this way, it becomes a lot easier. You also don’t take yourself seriously, meaning, “I helped them today,” or, “I did something nice for someone,” or, “I work so hard.” It’s all these things that we label versus none of it. You’re not doing anything for anybody, you’re just, you’re showing up and contributing in the way in whichever way you are. When you liberate yourself from that, you also liberate yourself from people who have an issue with you or it’s their opinion about you. It’s almost like you can detach from that a little more. I find myself being a little more peaceful, which has been interesting.

When they talk about how our children are there to teach us, I’m starting to understand that greater and greater. When they’re little, it’s like, “I’m getting patience. I’m learning to love someone in this selfless way.” As you get older, they’re ways for us as spirits and souls to change some of our habits and that has been interesting and hard for me. I’m a stubborn person. Some of the ways I have done it have worked out for me and so it makes me think that I know something or that that is the way to do it. I’m trying to let go of that and it’s been interesting.

I’ll share a quick story with you. I had this opportunity to go on a trip. I was invited by two very close friends of mine and they ended up with COVID weirdly on the day of the trip. They couldn’t go but they had invited their close friends, Byron Katie, and Stephen Mitchell. I am not sure if you know who Stephen is, but he’s a bit of an unsung hero. For example, he translated Tao Te Ching, Lau Tzu’s work.

He’ll admittedly say that books are his friends and it’s his biggest nightmare probably to go on a trip with Laird and me because it’s two meatheads. You’re going on this trip with these big people that probably only think about training and how many calories is that. That’s not true but he doesn’t know us and I could understand that assumption.

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It was a magical trip for me because to be able to spend three days with these two smart people, I was inspired by the way they navigate their lives. We were at a place that was beautiful, but it was absolutely a flat ocean. We were sitting with Stephen and he said, “Laird must be in heaven. We’re on the ocean and it’s everywhere.” Steven said that he grew up with books as his friends.

I was like, “Stephen, it’s like this. If you were in a library filled with books and all the pages were blank, that’s a little bit of what Laird’s experiencing.” It’s an interesting perspective of what Laird is looking for. Here we are in this magical place and it is beautiful and it’s a natural world but he’s looking for this dramatic nature. That’s what he’s seeking and to also release some kind of energy into the ocean. I’m not a big trip person.

The idea of going on a holiday, I have never been in love with. Maybe that’s something else I’ve had to look at because being still, as we know, is one of the hardest things there is so I can probably busy myself to death. It was a special time. I was informed by Brody. I said, “Would you ever take your dad and I on a trip like this when you’re older?” She was like, “There’s no way.” She’s like, “If you get older like Katie, I’ll go on a trip with you.” I was like, “Yeah.”

You realize she’s managed to recapture her inquisitiveness and the curious child within her. It’s interesting to meet somebody who’s not afraid of anything in the sense of there’s no reason so she’s not projecting. She’s curious and sea bobbing in her late ‘70s going to the bottom of the ocean and checking it out. I have a lot of people around me to learn from and it makes me look at myself and the way I approach things and maybe how I could do that better.

Another zone into parenting. My youngest daughter is a bright person. Like all of you who have children, whether the kid is two years old and walking and it’s hard to watch them fall, it’s like, “Ugh.” My favorite is when they turn around and you’re like, “You’re okay,” to when they get older. If they make choices that you think to yourself, “I wouldn’t do that.” I had somebody give me some advice that is definitely worth sharing. This friend of mine asked me, “Do you pray for her and for the kids?” I was like, “Yeah, of course.” I pray for the people in my life. I’ll, and I even will say a prayer for the overall all of us like humanity because I’m a part of that even if it’s with selfish motives.

Brody’s pretty tough and in certain ways, I wouldn’t call her the most empathetic person in the world. She and I are similar in that way. He’s like, “Why don’t you pray as if it’s done?” It’s like, “Thank you for giving Brody a compassionate or empathetic heart, great health, and things like that.” I thought that was interesting. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before, but there have been times, for example, when I play ball, that if I had a coach that would look at me and would be scared to death and I wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing, I probably barely did. They look at you and they’d be like, “You’ve got this.”

There was something in that that I remember over a year ago thinking if my kids could feel that I felt that they got it, or they were going to get it even if they were in the middle of a hard time that it would be one of the most powerful things I could do for them versus sometimes when we worry about our children and it’s so natural we’re like, “Is he or she going to make the right choice?” “Why would they do that?” “Why would they choose to make that decision?” They feel that, especially as they get older.

Now, it’s not that it’s out of our hands but we’re not in their pockets and they’re making choices. I had taken it in that way of trying to put out into the universe that, “I believe in you. As a human being, I know you’re going to arrive at the right choices and the right decisions. It doesn’t mean perfect. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to make a million mistakes until you get there because I do, but you will because I believe in you and who you are and your character as a person.”

When he said that, on the prayer side, I thought that was also an extra element, an extra boost of just putting forth that belief and even a bigger way for them. It’s not to try to instigate or manipulate what the outcome is. That’s not what I mean but some big things that we all know are important so that we are kind to each other. There’s some capacity to contribute and work hard. That’s part of contributing. It’s expressing your purpose in this world and you want your kids to be loved and to love people. It’s some of the basics. It’s not how like, “I hope she’s a lawyer, she drives her Mercedes, and her 401(k) sound.” I’m not talking about that stuff. I’m talking about the universal things that as humans are so important to us and I appreciated that tidbit from him for all of you.

Gabby Reece photo 2

Gabby Reece – In a time when the world appears to be more polarizing, I’m trying to commit more and more to not only taking space from things and observing things but I also want to listen even more.

I’d love to know the joke on parenting. I had another friend come over and he was giving all this advice to one of my daughters. I’m sure I’ve said it 100 times in different ways, but she’s like, “Oh yeah.” I thought, “I don’t care how it gets there as long as It does.” Don’t ever get frustrated. I always see an expert, somebody who lives a mile away and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter who comes from their coach, some aunty or neighbor. Be glad because sometimes our egos are like, “I wanted to be the one.” It doesn’t matter. They need the lesson. Whatever that is, let’s get it in there.

Finally, in my training, I’ve been adding my friend Kelly Starrett’s restricting cuffs because of my hip. I was trying to figure out how not to melt a little bit of some of the muscles and so I’ve been using those more often. That’s been helpful. I asked for help, I’ll be honest with you. When I’m in a place or I don’t know what to do, I’ll call a friend of mine.

I know I’m fortunate this way but you guys have a lot of access to incredible minds. If it’s Dr. Andy Galpin or Kelly Starrett or the list goes on and on about the people that are qualified. If you pay attention to one of them to see who the groups are around them to look at information, I have been enjoying Ben from Knees Over Toes which is great. If you haven’t seen that, you should definitely check that out. On my knees, I wish I had that range of motion. I don’t yet.

The same friend of mine who was talking to me about prayer also reminded me we put so much into our physicality and the heaviness of it. We’re a bunch of atoms and molecules. I feel like the more liquid we could feel and movable maybe then the more movable we would be. It’s interesting how you get to these different places in your life and you have to keep asking yourself the questions because otherwise, you’re going to be the same so keep expanding.

There was something that Dr. Gundry said that I wanted to bring up one more time if you didn’t get to that podcast. His book, Unlocking the Keto Code is good which teaches you about all the things in your life that create mitochondrial uncoupling. What that is, is a multiplication of your mitochondria because the mitochondria will go like, “We need more of me,” which is a great thing but when they uncouple, you can, what they call waste calorie. That’s why a lot of times when people think they’re in ketosis, which is hard to get into, they will lose weight and things like that because it burns energy.

[bctt tweet=”It’s important to know how to ask for what you want, whether it’s help or you’re trying to figure out your next stages and phases of your life.”]

Dr. Gundry deals with a lot of autoimmune issues and a lot of it is through the gut. We’ve been hearing about gut health until the cows come home, but it just keeps showing up on how important it is and it impacts our overall health. However, one of the things that Gundry said that nobody wants to hear but it did hit home was that aspirin and Advil and all of those types of things will perforate or put little holes in our gut. I know sometimes it’s like, “This ache or that pain. I’ll take something.”

I was talking to somebody who works on the show and I was like, “Why do you take it?” He was like, “It made me think about aspirin or Advil or something.” I was like, “The bigger question is, why are you taking it?” We’ve all had a day where we forgot to drink water. Maybe if you’re female and you’re close to your cycle, all of a sudden, you’ve got a headache or whatever. I said, “Let’s say you forgot to drink water and you’re dehydrated and now you have a wicked headache. At the end of that day, you might say to yourself, ‘I’m going to remember this and I’m not going to allow myself to fall off a cliff and not be dehydrated to the point that I get a headache.’”

I’m always fascinated as to how we’ve been taught to be like, “I’ll take something for that that can mask the headache.” I’m not talking about migraines because I have a whole different separate respect for that. This is something else but the reason I’m bringing it up is that he was like, “Sometimes people take it like it’s candy and it’s not great for your gut.” Ultimately, that is tough on your overall health. I want to bring that up to say, “Take an inventory of your habits. If that’s something that you think is a go-to. Maybe look at why and is it something you can control and maybe try to try to create different habits to change the outcome of that.”

The other thing he did talk about was stress and the impact on the gut. He said that he has a lot of patients that come in, especially women with autoimmune disease where they had an unexpected situation happen like a death of an adult parent unexpectedly or maybe a divorce, which is difficult. Any divorce is difficult. More than 22 years ago, Laird and I almost got divorced and we didn’t but even that was difficult so I can only imagine but what he talked about was how people can almost trace a lot of them back to that event to kicking off their autoimmune.

Those couple points felt important from the Gundry podcast and then from Dr. Perlmutter, I want to remind you to look into your comfort level of quercetin and maintaining a healthy level for uric acid. We’ve talked about glucose, we’ve talked about the gut, we’ve talked about uric acid, and he takes 1,000 milligrams a day. There are tools out there, and some smart people.

I want to encourage you to continue to support yourself and be your own best advocate. If you need the resources or you want to reach out to people to get help, or read books, do it, but also look with your own eyeball. Go, “Does this make sense for me in my life?” It’s not like, “Everyone’s doing it,” or, “My neighbor is doing it,” but you have to get involved. You have to participate and experiment for yourself. I’m not here, in any way, to tell anyone what to do, how to eat, how to move, none of it. I am here to hopefully be somebody who can have conversations at an understandable level and then see if that can be a useful resource. That’s it.

I’m excited for summer 2022 and I’m interested to see how the world continues to spin forward. I’m still working on having more fun. That’s my thing. Laird and I seem to be in a good place. I’m not kidding. We were on top of each other for months and months and there were days where I was like, “It doesn’t matter. You can have the best partner, the partner who’s for you. Let’s say they were designed for you but cohabiting is such an interesting dance.”

Gabby Reece photo 3

Gabby Reece – It’s interesting how you get to these different places in your life and you have to keep asking yourself questions, because otherwise, you’re just going to be the same. Keep expanding.

I’ll leave you on this. Sometimes your partner says something. I was talking to someone about this and we’re like strainers. I said that on most things, it’s like rocks and pebbles could go through the holes of my strainer. Most of it doesn’t matter. Why would we nitpick on certain words or the tone of voice? Especially if we know if the person is well intended, they’re loving, you know they care for us, respect us and all these things.

There are so few times that the strainer holes get so small that not even a piece of pulp would go through and I’m trying more and more to be a person, whether it’s with my partner or my children or in the parking lot with some knucklehead to let it ride. It’s not for them. It’s for me. I’m trying to make this an easier journey for myself. I don’t like to isolate certain things but I am going to remind the females especially and especially who have young children.

It’s so important to know how to ask for what you want whether it’s help or you’re trying to figure out your next stages and phases of your life to not take it out on the people around you but try to ask yourself to say, “I’m giving up a lot for the people around me. It’s going to come to a place where this is going to get hard.” Unless you’re one of those people that it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t, and you know how to have fun and enjoy that process only, I take my hat off to you but as someone a little further down the road, encourage you to keep paying attention to that so it doesn’t accumulate over years and years. Keep taking care of yourself, get to bed, love each other and if you have any questions or you have somebody you would like me to interview, please send it to me so I have the opportunity to do a better job.

Thanks so much for being here. If you’d like, rate, subscribe, and leave us a review. All of my music was graciously done by Frank Zummo and Tom Thacker. If you want to see some of the behind-the-scenes action, follow me at @GabbyReece. Remember, don’t miss new episodes every Monday.

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