Scorching Fat & Sustaining Energy

By, Gabrielle Reece

So you wanna burn extra calories, tone up all over and feel awesomely energized while doing so. You’re in good company. We commonly are asked about the best methods to sustain energy while scorching your way through excess pounds. Gabby’s spent years studying and practicing the methods that can get you into peak physical condition while also feeling great (bye bye, crash diets). Here are some of Gaby’s best road-test ideas for losing pounds while gaining energy:

Avoid sugar
It’s that simple. And we know it can be hard. Almost any processed food item nowadays is ladened with sugar. Trust us. Check the labels. This sugar carries no nutritional value and worse yet is processed into fat. Skip sugar in your coffee and opt for black coffee, or better yet, green tea. Almond milk is a favorite of the G&L team but watch for almond milk (coconut too) that contains sugar. Sugar doesn’t just spell trouble for your waistline, it can accelerate aging and cause a slew of other health problems. Time to kick it to the curb. Caveat: fruits can be a source of great nutritional value and of course contain natural sugars. Berries are a great option for a sweet treat in the morning that’s also packed with antioxidants.

Avoid breads and pasta
Our bodies aren’t designed to digest processed grains properly. These items are again quite low in nutritional value and difficult to digest. Eating these items can lead to bloat and many people have a gluten sensitivity without even knowing so. Our challenge to you? Cut out processed grains for 30 days and measure the impact it has on your energy and your waistline (less lethargic, huh?). If you’d like to add a grain to your meal or need so for high performance training opt for brown rice.

Go for green tea
Gabby is a huge fan of green tea that’s not sweetened. It’s a great morning pick me up. Swapping green tea for your latte alone could save you hundreds of calories a week. Green tea is great for digestion and rich in antioxidants. Yum.

Drink enough water
We know you’ve heard it a million times but it’s for a good reason. Most people walk around chronically dehydrated without even knowing it. Doing so can put your metabolism to a major hault. What’s more? Many times when you feel hungry you’re actually thirsty. Dehydration is a hop, skip and a step away from major over eating.

Exercise early
A vast array of studies point to the benefits of working out early in the morning as opposed to later in the day. You’ll have more energy to sustain a rigorous workout in the morning and you’ll also set your day in such a way that honors your health (you’re more likely to stay on track with your eating if you’ve already logged your calorie deficit, for example).

Eat enough
There’s a reason crash diets leave people worse off than they were originally. Depriving your body of a healthy amount of calories can throw your metabolism off and most likely sets you up to swing back into over indulgence. Take it easy. Effective weight loss takes time. Eat plenty of food each day with the focus of consuming the majority of your calories from whole natural foods like lean proteins and tons of veggies.

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