Gabby began writing for this summer, 2012. Check out her first debut!

Seeking a Healthy Balance
There is so much information on nutrition and exercise that it’s almost overwhelming. Is dairy good or bad? Should I lift weights or do resistance training? One of the questions I get most often deals with the debate between diet and exercise. People want to know, “If I have to pick one, which is more important?” It’s a given that we need both for optimum health; however they do play different roles at different times.

When Diet is the Focus
If you’re not overweight, work crazy long hours and struggle to find the time to exercise, monitoring your diet may take priority. You can control your sleep patterns, your energy levels and even your waistline by what you put in your mouth. As an athlete, I can manipulate my weight and leanness by what I choose to eat. Why is that? Simply put, a person with a healthy body weight is already at or near their set point. This doesn’t mean that they can get away with never exercising; however, it will be easier for them to stay on top of their overall health just by eating well.

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