We sat down with the team at planetSHINE for SHINEfest to share our Lessons from Lockdown. 

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Key Takeaways:

It feels like the clock has slowed down; we’ve all been running around like crazy, racing to keep up. But now the clock has stopped, we’re asking what’s really important. We’re busy and accumulating things and having voyeuristic experiences, but now it’s – could I find or produce food if I needed it.

Part of what our body of work is, is to take care of ourselves, our wellbeing, our health. This is a reminder about self-care. We need to stay healthy because that’s going to be what supports us in the challenges of life.

Humanity has an ability to forget bad things that have happened. Is it evolutionary? So there will be a natural tendency to want to return to normal and the framework of our lives. Can we instead remember and bring something with us to learn and change and adapt?

If I get to do what I like to do, that’s a gift. If I get to be surrounded by people that love me and that I love, that’s a gift. If I have my health, that’s a gift. If I’m in a relationship I want to be in, that’s a gift. Noticing in the everyday is an extension of ‘Ohana’ – that deeper connection with family and community and society. But Ohana takes work – showing up, self-reflection, acceptance, sacrifice – we need to show up and consistently do the work to become who we want to be and do what we want to do.

Our response to this could play out in three ways: some people will go backward and get nothing from this experience; then you have some people who will come out of it changed completely; and in the middle you’ll have a large group of people that will just keep things the same, like it always is.

The Gift:

Gabby: The amplification of saying ‘what have we been doing with our lives these past few years’. We need to keep things simple and to keep learning and be willing to let things go.

Laird: We all carry around lists of things to do, but it’s important to continue to refine and prioritise that list so that it truly reflects your values and your philosophy of life.

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