Fitness Strategies Week to Week

By, Gabby Reece

I’ve explored the different types of weeks we all have from time to time — those when we have a lot of time to those when we have no time at all. How would you manage each of these weeks? Here are my tips…

* Week with a lot of time and low stress:
Get it done, people. Run with it. Eat great and exercise 5 to 6 days a week. Be super disciplined during this time because it’s a great opportunity to make “deposits” that you can draw against later. Eat 4 to 5 times a day (small portions), living food (avoid processed or fast food), see if you can drink water instead of soda, and give the booze a break.

* Week with a little time but some stress:
This is the week when you are going to try and get your quick workouts in religiously (say, 4 to 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes). Because you have stress, you will probably be turning to food for comfort. So allow yourself time within each day to ease off the gas and enjoy. If you want to have that glass of wine at the end of the day or a mid-afternoon treat, then OK. This is even more reason that you have to get your workouts in. No excuses. No emotions. Get the movement in while there is time.

* Week with no time:
Now this is the tricky week. You already know you don’t have time to exercise, so now you have to commit to be in fifth gear when it comes to what goes into your mouth. Listen, you can help yourself with your food. If you can’t get to the gym or go biking because there is just no time, then assist yourself by watching what you eat and drink. Water, water, water. Consume tons of green living food and moderate those portions. You will find that you won’t lose too much ground (in the way you look) if you are disciplined in your eating. This is a great remedy for someone who has to be on the road a lot. Monitoring food also will help you avoid feeling too sluggish from lack of exercise — also a biggy on helping with mood swings. Get your power from your living food. Beware of the snacking.

* Holiday week:
During these weeks, you have some time but really want to have fun and just get into the pie and eggnog. OK. I think even during this time you can “manage” it. Let’s say you are heading to a favorite aunt’s house who makes the most kick-ass food, then save the gorging for her stop. Or if you are having a family reunion with a big dinner at some amazing restaurant, then don’t just pig out the entire gathering… save it. Make sure you still get in at least a walk after eating, and within your slacking, pick your moments. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. This way, when the festivities are done, you will be ready to get back into the swing of things. I find that when I cook, I eat less. I feel like I’m around the food so much that by the time I’m ready to serve that special meal, I’m over it. It helps with portion control.

2007 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.