Gabby Exercise

Fight The Exercise Blues

I was feeling the blah’s of summer being over, days shorter, and air cooler.  Just feel a little less energetic, and I was thinking that since the challenge is over you guys must be feeling some of this yourself for the same or different reasons.  I wish I could show up at your house when you wake up in the morning and do the “go team” cheer, but since I can’t I’m asking “give me an “M” an “O” “V” and “E” – what do you get – let’s MOVE!!!! I know, I know, punch the cheerleader in the face, stuff a cream cheese bagel down your throat, and jack up on some coffee to get this day started.

I realize it’s not about not having these feelings it’s simply about creating a strategy that you can’t fail.  For each of us it’s different.  I schedule my training with a network of people so I have to show up.  Some of you may need a trainer, or an end of the week incentive etc.  Whatever it takes to stay fired up, figure it out!  We all succumb to not wanting too or it’s too cold out, and I have a ton of work to do, got it!

How about write down your goals for the month of October (be it workout 3 days a week, lose 3 inches, or 5 pounds, give up bread, whatever it is)?  I sometimes break out with week by week goals.  For example if I have an intense schedule one week, this is the week I know I may not get to move as much so I create the goal of being hyper diligent about my nutrition.  If I know I can get to the gym consistently the next week, then my goal is to maximize this opportunity with working out five times that week (which does not have to be in a gym, it can be a run in the park or whatever form of movement you tolerate).

Stay positive, recognize if you are not fired up and create a backup system to success, continue to keep moving and eating the best you can, and don’t forget to put a little energy into creating new mini goals that are obtainable

Written by Gabby Reece

Oh, and by the way a sweater is not the answer to being humdrum about exercise.  You will have a much steeper hill to climb when we start talking about “summer is coming” so maintain the momentum you have already built up.