Gabby Reece


What is our big fear or hang up about breakfast? No time? How long does it take to throw together a scrambled egg or some oatmeal? Not hungry? Eat something light and I don’t mean a bagel with cream cheese.

There are so many studies showing that people will have a tendency to over eat and even be obese if they have the lifestyle habit of skipping breakfast. One study showed 95% of people who lost 30 lbs, and kept it off did not skip breakfast.

Think of each day as a new beginning. Why would you want to start off that day on the wrong foot? Not only will eating something in the morning help you control over eating later in the day, but also from crashing and then reaching for ANYTHING to throw in your mouth out of low blood sugar response.

How about the sugar cardboard we give our kids before they jaunt off to school! Good one. No wonder they’re calling so many of them OCD or ADD or whatever other things they want to medicate our kids for. How about a diet filled with good nutrition and some fun exercise for the young people!

Be a good example, and avoid unleashing yourself on the world with just a cup of coffee in your belly. Remember, STRESS is the number one killer so why would you want to ramp up, and then sit in traffic or deal with a customer on an empty, caffeine jacked system? How about no food for the brain before you go to deal with a heavy work load or take a test? Sound like a good idea?

Here are some choices I recommend:

Oatmeal, toast and eggs, yogurt-nuts and fruit, turkey patty with a fried egg, scrambled eggs with avocado and feta cheese, or a wonderful smoothie filled with ingredients to serve your mind and body’s needs. It’s not that complicated or time consuming to find some good food to eat at the start of your day. Good morning and good eats.

By Gabby Reece