Welcome to Day 4 of the 2022 Experiment. Today’s focus is on your LIFESTYLE.

We have lined up 8 goals for you to try.

1) HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS | Who are your apostles? Find the people that make you better and that you share your setbacks with. @shuapeck  
EPISODE March 14, 2022
The Gabby Reece Show: Josh Peck: Childhood Star, Overcoming Obesity, Drug Addiction & Learning Not to Run Away on Apple Podcasts

2) PERSONALITY CHECK | What drives you each day? What’s your question that you lead with, is it negative or positive? @jimquick  
EPISODE March 7, 2022
The Gabby Reece Show: Jim Kwik: The Boy with the Broken Brain; Becoming Limitless & A Top CEO Brain Coach on Apple Podcasts

3) LET’S BE KIND |  Being kind and compassionate impacts your health and the people around you. @rickmcintyre
EPISODE December 12,2022
The Gabby Reece Show: Uplifting & Heart-Wrenching Stories from Yellowstone’s Alpha Wolves with ‘Wolf Whisperer’ Rick McIntyre on Apple Podcasts

4-6) SELF MASTERY | The next 3 goals focus on mastery. We wanted to share @robinsharma‘s take on mastery: Mindset is only 25% of personal mastery. You shouldn’t just work on mindset when trying to change. You also need to work on:
Heartset (emotional life) – gratitude, work through shame, guilt, disappointment
Healthset (physicality) movement, strength, flexibility
Soulset (spirituality) connect with your deeper wisdom
EPISODE May 2nd, 2022  The Gabby Reece Show: Robin Sharma: Emerging from the Dark Tunnel of Pursuit & ‘The Everyday Hero Manifesto’ on Apple Podcasts

4) PHYSICAL CONNECTION | Check in with yourself physically: “Pain is a Request for Change”.  How do you feel today? @thereadystate
EPISODE October 24, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: Pain Management from the Pros, Strategies & Solutions for Successful Treatment & Recovery with Dr. Kelly Starrett, Jill Miller & PJ Nestler | Part One on Apple Podcasts

5) EMOTIONAL CONNECTION | Check in with yourself emotionally. Do you have meaningful, emotional connections? They are key for long term health. @arthurcbrooks
EPISODE August 1, 2022 ‎The Gabby Reece Show: How to Find Happiness, Success & Deep Purpose in Life | With Harvard Professor Arthur C. Brooks on Apple Podcasts

6) PHYSIO CONNECTION | Check in with your insides – take Tests. Find out early. @tonyrobbins  Is there a test you have been putting off?
EPISODE February 21, 2022
The Gabby Reece Show: Tony Robbins – Save the Life of Someone You Care About, New Book: Life Force on Apple Podcasts

7) FLUID MINDSET | Keep an open mind to grow and change. Don’t have a preconceived opinion before doing something. @rickrubin
EPISODE June 27, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: Rick Rubin & Author Stephen Mitchell: Living More Fluid With Less Force & a Deep Look at The Dao on Apple Podcasts

8) LIFESTYLE AUDIT  | ‘Bring the Adult into the Room’. Do the Work. Make better lifestyle choices to avoid preventable diseases like Alzheimer’s. @davidperlmutter
EPISODE February 14, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: Drop Acid with Dr. Perlmutter on Apple Podcasts

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