Welcome to Day 1 of The Experiment.

Today’s focus is on food. We have lined up 8 goals for you to try and continue with all week long.

1) 30 PLANTS | Try to incorporate eating 30 *Plants a day / Be Diverse to Improve Gut Health / Dr. Robynne Chutkin @gutbliss *Plants = vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains.

EPISODE 31-Oct-22 A Practical Plan for Strengthening Your Gut | Integrative Gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan & Her New Book ‘The Anti-Viral Gut’

2) PROTEIN | Eat at least 35 grams of protein each meal / Dr. Gabrielle Lyon @gabriellelyon suggests we try to eat 1 Gram of protein per pound of weight. This is a tough one. What protein sources are you consuming? Share your proteins!

EPISODE 15-Aug-22  Muscle as the Cornerstone of Longevity | Optimizing Strength for Disease Prevention with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

3) METABOLIC FLEXIBILITY | Practice time-restricted eating (TRE) Try compressing your meals into a shorter window to increase your body’s ability to burn stored body fat. “The more we can push breakfast farther into the morning, even until noon, the more weight you are going to lose and the more health benefits you are going to get.” @drstevengundry

EPISODE 11-Apr-22 Dr. Steven Gundry: Unlocking the Keto Code with More Benefits & Less Deprivation

4) CUT OUT SUGAR | Be very mindful of your sugar intake. Try not to eat anything with added sugar as it is one of the most harmful substances for our bodies. @davidperlmutter Can you do it?

EPISODE  14-Feb-22 Drop Acid with Dr. Perlmutter

5) FIBER FIRST & OFTEN | Eat your food in the right order to keep your insulin spikes as low as possible. Example: On your plate -> chicken breast, quinoa, broccoli – Eat your broccoli first. @glucosegoddess

EPISODE 16-May-22   International Best-Selling Author Jessie Inchauspé: All About Blood Glucose Levels

6) ELIMINATE PROCESSED FOODS | Try not to eat anything from a box. Cut out highly processed foods. Vani @thefoodbabe makes it her mission to call out very harmful ingredients that we don’t even know about in highly popular brands.

EPISODE 14-Nov-22    The Food Babe, Vani Hari | Investigating What’s Really in Our Food & How She Changed Chipotle, Subway & Other Multi-Billion Dollar Food Companies 

7) HAVE A CONSISTENT ROUTINE | Create a Biochemical Reserve – Keep a consistent routine so when you do fall off you can use your reserve. If you slip up, it’s not all forgotten, your body has reserves. Forgive yourself and get back to it. @dayangoodenowe

EPISODE 17-Jan-22  Dr. Dayan Goodenowe – Neuroscientist, Biochemist, Breaking Alzheimers


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