Change Your Routine

By, Gabrielle Reece

I was thinking today as I was having a “groundhog day” moment, how incredibly uninspired I can feel some times. Then I always manage to do the self talk thing where I do inventory of all of the things I am grateful for (my kids, my health, their health, great husband, wonderful job etc.). That normally makes me feel ashamed enough to snap out of it.

Isn’t feeling blah part of the human condition? I believe it really is, but I think it can get exaggerated by our civilized world. Sit in traffic, answer phone calls and e-mails, do laundry, pack school lunches, punch a clock, and hold our breathe for the weekend. Granted a certain amount of monotony and routine is essential for living, but do we have to be completely non creative in order to be “responsible” individuals?

I was thinking of all the ways I could take a more creative approach to living, and I realized maybe I could start to make changes in a few subtle ways. For example every morning I get up, take a shower, go in my kitchen and make the kids their food and check emails. What if I got up a few minutes earlier and did something with my kids? Take a walk, play outside for a few moments or even just read a book. At the end of the day instead of having dinner and then watching a bit of TV what if I guided my family on a tiny adventure one night of the week? Sit outside and look at the stars, have the kids put on a play from one of their favorite stories, or grab a sitter and surprise your partner with a picnic dinner alone.

Hey, the same goes for working out. BORING if it’s always the same old same old, gotta switch it up now and again. Go for a hike, take the stairs, jump in the ocean, lake or pool, take a class with a friend or jump on a bike with one of your children.

Don’t get stuck in a rut and don’t be afraid to try something new. I am becoming increasingly aware of how short life is, and that it is not made up of a few BIG moments, but a day in day out collage of small experiences. Adding a little color to your rainbow takes some effort, but it’s so well worth it.

2007 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.