Show Description:

Gabrielle Reece, who is married to legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, is a fitness icon, model, bestselling author, and  former professional beach volleyball player. She is Nike’s first female spokesperson and the first female athlete they called on to design a women’s shoe.

Gabby is the true definition of strength and beauty. Her message, particularly to women, is clear: stand tall, be proud, and stop being your own worst enemy. Embrace your imperfections and less than perfect life, be as fit and healthy as you can, and if your foot is too darn big for the proverbial glass slipper then so be it!

In this refreshingly candid and honest interview, Gabby shares the things she has learned raising children, her experiences growing up as a very tall woman, and talks about what marriage with one of the world’s greatest athletes is like.


Show Highlights:

  • Gabby’s book, My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper [2:01]
  • Perfect is boring [4:13]
  • Balancing being called “one of the world’s most beautiful women” against the inability to fit in–because of her height [8:39]
  • Living with and being married to one of the most intense men in the world–Laird Hamilton [11:40]
  • People who are at the absolute tops of their games and how they struggle with family life [14:42]
  • The island mentality [16:06]
  • The importance of adversity and being able to overcome it [19:38]
  • Teaching children how to take calculated risks [22:32]
  • Gabby and Laird’s joint training program–HighX [24:00]
  • The mental aspect of the HighX training [26:16]
  • Aging, particularly as a woman, and embracing growing older [31:14]
  • “Humans are not meant..really equipped to be celebrated and put up on a pedestal” [34:52]
  • Gabby answers the 3 questions [38:32]

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