We have so much incredible information from the 2022 podcasts that we couldn’t fit into this Experiment, so we had to add a bonus day with more of our favorites. We encourage to listen to these episdoes.


1) HORMONE DISRUPTORS | To help ‘un’disrupt your hormones, start simple with these tips:
Eat organic | avoid pesticides found in nonorganic produce, pesticides are loaded with endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Get rid of plastics | plastic water bottles, plastic utensils, and cutting boards  @geller.endrocrinology
EPISODE Dec 5, 2022

2) GOLD MEDAL DIET | For a gold medal winning diet @AprilRossBeach shares what she ate and didn’t eat in preparation for the last Olympics where she won gold:

Consumed foods from the earth like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
Cut out processed foods 
Ate simple carbs for quick energy bursts
She personally didn’t fast, she ate in the morning before competition, it helped her regulate her system
She stayed well hydrated – always kept a water bottle with her
EPISODE June 10, 2022

3) BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE | @Juliesolomon   It wasn’t about being perfect. It wasn’t about being the star. It’s, “Can I be the best version of me?” That’s another do versus don’t. If you get bottled up in the perfection of things and then have to look the part and have to dot your I’s and cross your T’s, it’s going to be a lot harder to find the crux and the magic that’s inside you.
EPISODE Aug 29, 2022

4) WINNING MINDSET – REFRAME @kentsteffes 
“Adopt the winning mindset. ‘I’m going to win.’” The problem is that when you lose, it’s psychologically damaging to you. It damages you on a physiological level. When people compete against each other, the winner feels better and gets a high. The loser has damage. As human beings, we have to reframe that experience. We have to think of another way to approach it so that we don’t incur that damage and have it affect us.

Sometimes you have to cry uncontrollably but then you pick yourself up and you go back home and you say, “What do I need to do to get better? I need to get stronger, faster, and I need to watch more tape.”

5) SUGAR & ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS|113. Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum was called “the leading microbiome researcher in the world” by The Washington Post. He just released a groundbreaking new article about the gut and its connection with COVID-19 and depression that we highly recommend.

“With respect to bacteria, there is a group called the proto bacteria which is pro-inflammatory, a red flag for inflammation. If you give it sugar, it will go crazy. It will increase. That’s not good for us because we’ll have more inflammation. 

The other bad guy is the fungus ;candida’. Candida loves sugar. The more sugar you eat, the more it loves it. That’s why I say that refined sugar is not a good idea. Sweeteners are not good.
EPISODE Feb 7, 2022

6) ACID REFLUX | Do you have acid reflux? Are you having a hard time losing weight? Try eating your last meal earlier than you typically do. You can eat the same amount of food but you have to split it up differently. Dr. Robynne Chutkan  @robynnechutkin
Oct 31, 2022

7) EATING HEALTHY ++LIFESTYLE @ghannoum           
Lifestyle. Some people say, “I eat everything good.” One lady, for example, sent us samples to analyze her microbiome and it looks terrible. I look at what she eats and she’s eating well. We have a questionnaire where we ask questions and one of them was stress. We looked at the stress and she is severely stressed.
EPISODE Feb 7, 2022

I finally came to the conclusion that the environment, circumstances, events, situations and what people say and what people do, that stuff is not what causes stress. What causes stress is our response to those things or our perspective of those things, or more importantly, our resistance to those things if we’ve learned to have some level of acceptance.

I’ve learned to accept that there’s nothing I can do. There’s traffic in front of me. It’s not my preference, but I’m going to be okay, and I can handle this. Instead of white knuckling the steering wheel or honking the horn or giving somebody the finger, I’m going to enjoy some stillness. I’m going to listen to another episode of The Gabby Reece Show. Maybe I’m going to call my parents and catch up with them. I have the power to choose my response and I find the fact that I have that power to be liberating and empowering, so I still have my moments where I have setbacks, but generally speaking, I manage stress pretty well these days.
EPISODE June 13, 2022

10) MENTAL HEALTH & BREATH @sarahsarkis   
We live in a little bit of hay day right now. There are a lot of exciting things happening inside of psychology, around trauma work and somatic work. We understand so much more about the complexity of what happens to the nervous system. Also, we’re having a whole moment with breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation. It’s all these what I would consider fundamental self-regulatory practices that have largely gone ignored by the field of psychiatry and psychology outside of what we call New Age Thinkers, which is so ridiculous and staggering when you think about it. I bet we could shave 50% of our experience of anxiety if we learned how to use breath. That includes teenagers.
EPISODE June 6, 2022

11) KETOSIS | Dr. Gundry is in favor of Ketosis but says don’t be in ketosis all the time – you need metabolic flexibility. Minute 58 @drstevengundry
EPISODE April 11, 2022

12) ALTERNATIVE TRAINING | @tonyrobbins suggests we try Static Contraction Training – 4 Exercises Hold for 15-20 Seconds / Every 7 to 10 Days  
EPISODE Feb 21, 2022

13) KNOW YOUR LIMITS | @aprilrossbeach       
Know your Training Limits and Take your ego out of it | Be self-aware, pay attention to where your limits are and stand up for yourself when you reach those limits. 
EPISODE June 10, 2022

14) IMMUNE REGENERATION | Your immune health regenerates every 2 months. Whether you have never eaten healthy or just got off track, you can turn it around. 65% of your immune system is in your gut so never stop trying to eat healthier foods, your health is worth it. @jeffreybland  EPISODE July 11, 2022

15) GET STARTED | @simonhill   
Dialing down on ultra-processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables is a quick win for pretty much everyone.’
One of the most important pieces of advice I give people is to get started. You need that momentum. You can start small. Let’s look at the average diet today. I wouldn’t be zooming in on animal protein at the start. I’d be thinking about the fact that 60% of calories come from ultra-processed foods in the diet. That’s the lowest-hanging fruit that everyone can work on. All of the packaged cookies and cakes and the stuff usually in the center of the supermarket aisles, those foods are formulated in a way that makes them easy to over-consume. There are lots of different studies that have looked at this and been able to show that they create hedonic hunger, which is you’re hungry in the absence of a physiological requirement for calories. On the flip side, the average American is not eating anywhere near the number of fruits and vegetables that they should be, the recommended numbers. Dialing down on ultra-processed foods and eating more fruits and vegetables is a quick win for pretty much everyone.
EPISODE Mar 21, 2022