Armour for the Grind

I have been traveling this past week, and something really obvious dawned on me.  I don’t just need to stay in shape for my health and to look the way I want.  It really has become an armor to help protect me in this intense time.  Traffic, phones, TV, computers, children, work, the pressure of consuming more.  I mean, we live at a tough pace.  If you are not healthy, fit, and strong and still pulling it off day to day, it’s really only a matter of time. No wonder people are snapping and miserable.  As much as I love getting up in the morning, there are times that it is a serious grind out there.  My schedule is flexible. I can’t imagine you warriors who are out there 5, 6 days a week.  My hats are off to you.


Ask yourself, is it worth it?  If this is the only way you can make it happen, do you have to sacrifice yourself and your health to do it?   Find out from within yourself what your life’s mission is and what you want to be saying about the meaning of your life at the end of the day.  Is it to kill it and make it up the ladder?  Hang with the family?  Keep exploring and seeking out new experiences?  Keep buying new stuff? Hey, whatever makes you happy — go for it.  Just don’t get on that crazy treadmill that spits you out years down the road.  Then you’re standing there, scratching your head, asking how you got here. Life is now.  Your body is now.  Your happiness is now.

If you’re in the grind, find your tiny square that is all yours.  Protect it and don’t sacrifice it for anything.  Put your most important assets in that square.  No, not your bling bling.  You.  Your heart. Your happiness.  Your loved ones.  Your dreams. Your character.  Your soul.  You know where I was going with the square right?  YOUR HEALTH.  Protect your square and all the things you place in it.  Don’t let time, money, or pressure make you infringe on what is YOURS.

It is hard enough out there.  Get some armor on.  Move your body and watch what you eat.  Give yourself a fighting chance to deal with it all. By putting in that 20% effort to improve your health, you will make it 100% easier to deal with what modern life is requiring of us.

By Gabby Reece