A Lazy Sunday

I don’t know about you, but there really is something about observing Sunday for me. I woke up today and made pancakes and eggs for Reece since she is always hounding me for french toast or pancakes during the week. I then was informed that Laird was heading to Maui for a potential swell. I jumped on my bike for a one hour ride; Laird took the girls to the barn while he prepped his equipment, did some laundry, kissed Laird and sent him on his way, and took the girls for a lazy Sunday walk. Here is Reece’s idea of the proper way to take a walk and still involve the dog. I won’t tell you how many times I yelled “get out of the road”, and “watch out for your sister”. Reece was especially deadly when her and Speedy (our dog) got a little distance from one another and created a great trip line for Brody with the leash. It had to be comedy to watch, and at points I kid you not it took 10 minutes to travel 100 feet.

My dear friend Sheryl Crow is in town and she came by with her family and took Reece for the best ice cream on Kauai.  Sundays feel like a re-grounding day that I never feel guilty for.  Pancakes, visiting with friends, hanging with the kids?  What else is there?  The bike ride was a bonus (and also the dose of sanity that allows me to have this oh yeah super chill perspective).  I would have been a crazy person by 6 if I didn’t get to do some sort of activity.  Truth.

I always look forward to getting going on Monday if I have had the opportunity of a real Sunday.  Monday seems to hurt much more when you don’t get that one day.  I even think your Sunday exercise should be one you actually really want to do;  a day to do things that are nurturing and help you de-stress.