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Happy New Year everyone. Today, we’re looking forward and letting ourselves dream while being excited for what’s to come. We tackle a series of questions about new routines for 2023, getting sunlight in the morning, how my Hawaiian and Los Angeles lifestyles differ, and how social media has shaped us, and much more. Enjoy.

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Key Topics:

Letting Yourself Dream, Looking Forward & Mapping Out Your New Year

Welcome to our Happy New Year podcast on January 2nd, 2023. It’s just me. We’re looking forward. It’s funny, as practical as I am, I know you can relate to this, I feel like I’m a big dreamer. I’m hopeful that I know there are many adventures or things delaying before me and I use that to motivate me and get going. I’ll dive into the questions.

For New Year’s, the question was like, “Am I doing new habits, or what have you?” I am going to be adding a consistent mobility practice because I’ve had a torn labrum, it’s been pretty sore and I can’t get around it anymore. I would encourage people to time under tension. Especially women, we’ve got to be lifting the weights. You want to have a decent amount of cardio for your heart.

The other part of this is being mobile and being able to be flexible and keep that range of motion, which I’ve never been particularly good at. This is something that I am committed to. I’ve started a small practice, it’s ten minutes every day, and doing things, especially my hips and my quads because I get crushed there all the time.

Somebody asked me how I live differently in Hawaii than in California. It sounds like an asshole question, like, “What do you like more, massage or sauna?” The truth of the matter is besides being surrounded by nature in Hawaii, which is beautiful, overwhelming, nurturing in a different way, and humbling, for me, I usually feel extra perspective by being in that nature. I drive a lot less.

In California, you are putting some time in the car. What that means is I feel like I’m way less productive. I can have a fuller day not in the car as much and be more creative. In certain ways, it’s easier to find food like avocados, papayas, and things that grow here. In other ways, unless you have access to somebody who has chickens and things like that, it’s hard to find high-quality animal protein unless you’re doing it yourself. That’s the other thing that’s important.

It’s interesting living in Hawaii when you’re working a lot. People think you go to the beach every day. Laird is in the ocean all of the time. There can be days and days that go by and I’m like, “You might want to go to the beach.” I can get caught up in myself. That’s something I’m always working on. That’s the biggest difference, being in nature, being grounded, not reacting to things, and some of the superficial things. My car is not as clean. I already walk around. Unless I’ve got some work, I’m not a dress-up or fancy person, clearly. That’s even less of a priority here. Laird always says that, in Hawaii, they’re interested in how you are and not who you are and that’s true.

One of the questions someone asked me was, how has my mind changed about fashion or how I dress because I’m getting older or whatever, and I thought that was so funny. Because of my size, 6’3”, and even when I was in fashion, nothing fits. My attitude about fashion has not changed at all since the time I was 20 to 25. It’s like, “What fits? What feels like a uniform? What doesn’t draw too much attention to me?”

If you have long legs and all of these jeans are certainly more expensive, Midheaven denim and Frame denim seem to have some of the longest jeans that I’ve come across. In shoes, forget it, I’m a size 12, it’s a joke. When someone asks me how I feel about fashion, I don’t because I can’t and because it just doesn’t fit so I moved on. It was my line.

In my thirties, a fit body and a smile were the best accessories one could have. I just can’t deal with it. We all have that in our life, we don’t fit into the way it is. Rather than banging my head against the wall, I let it go, quite frankly. It’s a simpler life in Hawaii, for sure. In Los Angeles, and that’s what I love about it, there’s so much going on. There are so many people and dynamics. Some of the best people I’ve ever met, I met in LA but it’s a much tougher culture and a much faster pace. What’s important is sometimes it can feel a little silly.

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I always say we’re nobody and we’re all important and so there can be some self-importance there going on and it’s been magnified and interesting with social media. Instead of people who have public jobs, an actor, an actress, an entertainer, a singer, or even an athlete, you have now this whole other industry. I find it fascinating because I’ve been around to observe some of these curves. You have groups that, in their little bubbles, they’re well known, and then they mingle in the world and they either think people know who they are or should assume and it’s not the case.

That part is fascinating to me about social media where you now have a lot more people walking around thinking people either know who they are or that they should know who they are or that it’s important. It’s a great reminder that it’s your job and it doesn’t matter. It would be great to assume that probably no one knows who you are and that’s great and that’s okay too.

I heard the Roger Federer story about how he happened to be in England getting some injury checked out and he thought, “I’m going to go to Wimbledon and have tea or something.” The lady wouldn’t let him in because he didn’t have his card and he’d never gone in through that entranceway. It was fascinating, he said, “I don’t normally do this but I’ve won the tournament eight times.” She’s like, “Okay but do you have your card?” That seems a beautiful way to go through life.

Back to social media, my producers asked me how I felt about social media and my relationship with it, and my thoughts about the feelings of the future, the truth is I don’t know. You wonder if this is a phase of us being acclimated to combining with our technology. Everyone talks about this transhumanism and all this stuff. I’m wondering if, in twenty years, we’ll look back and think how silly we were doing it this way, but I’m not sure.

I do have teenagers, one who’s not on at all and one who is on all the time. I’d love to pretend that I’ve got some magic bullet about how we’ve managed to balance it but that’s a total lie, we haven’t. It’s one of the things she and I go head-to-head with a lot because I have concerns that it’s going to impact her development, her ability to concentrate, and her ability to connect with people. I’m sure, throughout history, parents have been concerned always about something.

My relationship is I try my best to keep it isolated to timeframes. I let it bleed over at times. I’ll see if I have a minute or if I’m there, I’ll start doing that mindless wandering through social media and then I catch myself and go, “You’ve got to be joking with me.” I then get off of it. I choose to use it for work. For a long time, I was doing my social media and Laird’s social media because he’s way too smart, he’s not on social media at all. I don’t think he would know how to get on. He doesn’t know how to get into his accounts. That’s, by design, by him.

This goes into my 2023, I’m starting even more where it’s like, “I’m going to check it in the morning, and I’ll check it in the afternoon if there’s anything that needs to get dealt, one time long before dinner so it’s not bleeding into that time, and then I’m going to put it away.” My ultimate goal would be to delegate it all. The interesting thing about it is that there are moments where you do connect with people so it’s this weird thing but most times you don’t. I’m not on Twitter. I’m not a big debater. I use it for work.

Am I hopeful? I think so. You’re seeing kids that are rebelling by having flip phones or not being on social media. It’s a novelty and it’s a weird thing and nobody knows the rules or how to manage it and I hope that we will get there. I too have been bitten by being a real-time leak, I admit that freely and holy. The other interesting thing is we trade off our time and data for a few hits of dopamine and also for an exchange of misery, depression, and anxiety, and I do wonder why we willingly shuttle towards that, myself included.

One thing Andrew Huberman talks about is getting natural light first thing. If I could make one suggestion is that before you look at your telephone, look at some sunlight. Rick Rubin was the one who taught me years ago that he will not look at his phone until after he does something, some form of exercise, even if it’s taking a walk.

This is something I also will be incorporating in 2023, I would be diligent about not turning my phone on until after I do one of those things because it sets you in that trajectory. Huberman will talk about your ability to make melatonin to help you sleep at the end of the day but the emotional trajectory sets you on course for the right day and right morning. Social media is a tricky one and I don’t know where it’s going. I use it as a tool if I was completely out of work or I wouldn’t be on it.

In fact, I was watching the Steven Spielberg movie, The FabelMans, and they were all sitting by the campfire and singing and doing all this stuff. Of course, I’ve been around for that. It was that reminder when we didn’t have our devices, which are appealing and there’s so much on there, not only did we connect more but there’s that creativity that went along with how we connected. We played games, we sang, and we did do things that maybe now we look at as silly or something, which I don’t think they are. That stood out to me. It’s a beautiful movie, by the way. Who doesn’t like Stevens Spielberg? It’s a well-told story.

Someone asked me about aging. By the time you read this, my birthday is on Friday. On January 6th, 2023, I will be 53. When I was 20, I probably felt 35. When I was 30, I probably felt 35. Now, I still feel 35. What do I mean by that? On my attitude, I feel interested in life. I feel excited about my partnership with Laird. I’m interested in him. I like him. I don’t feel like humdrum. Especially during COVID, it was like, “You again.” I’m not saying that. It’s trying to keep peeling away that filter that comes with experience and the bummer that is repetitive, parts of life like going to grocery stores, cooking dinners, and cleaning up after people.

Fluffing pillows have been my new thing, you can ask my family. They’re probably sick of me. Some of you may know, we have almost an adopted son even though he had a great family and is a big wave surfer, Luca Padua. He’s from Mavericks and is an incredible person. He’s been with us in training and working with XPT and has been riding waves with Laird. One of my daughters has a boyfriend and I was talking to them about like, “I want someone else to fluff the pillows. I’m over it.” I walk into the living room, I’m the one who sits on the couch the least.

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Gabby Reece – If I could make one suggestion, before you look at your telephone, look at some sunlight.

Once or twice a day, you’re fluffing pillows. Why are you fluffing pillows? It’s probably because it’s why you make a bed. When you sit down, go into your bed after it’s made, or sit on a couch, it’s been fluffed. It’s pretty nice. I have been talking about that. Those are the things that can steal your zippiness because you’ve talked about that crap so many times that you’ve annoyed everybody and yourself. I’m trying to either delegate that more and express myself to people that I’m like, “Can you guys fluff the pillow?”

I do a pretty good job of all of these every day, the art of that every day, but I’m wanting to make sure that I don’t allow it to steal the wonderment that is life and the curiosity and seeing things anew each time. Sometimes I’m not great at it. It’s like, “That’s pretty, the sunset.” Instead, take a second and look at the color. Laird is good at that and he reminds me but I get this incredible satisfaction from feeling like not only is dinner ready but the kitchen is clean too versus dinner is ready, I look and observe the beautiful colors of the sunset, and now I’m going to go in and button up the kitchen.

That’s something I will be working on in 2023, aging. It’s keeping that curiosity and wonder alive and keeping the avatar healthy enough to house the spirit so that you feel good. This podcast comes out the same day that we’re doing a five-day experiment where we took some of the best information, it would be impossible to get everything, from this year’s podcast from 2022 and say, “When it comes to movement, here are eight ideas. When it comes to nutrition, here are a few.”

We were doing several each day starting on January 2nd, 2023. One of them was, regardless of your goals, staying healthy, feeling good, losing weight, and maintaining weight, whatever that is. If we can manage our chronic inflammation, if we can have a metabolic function that’s unimpeded, uninhibited, and not messed with, and a pretty healthy microbiome, we are heading in the right direction.

If you talk to me about aging, whether it was Dr. Chris Palmer, who’s a psychotherapist, or Dr. Chutkan, who’s a GI specialist, or Dr. Benjamin Bikman, who is making sure we’re trying to stay insulin sensitive, they’re all saying the same things. If we can get some of this accomplished, we’re in great shape. If you said, “Where would you start?” I would start with the microbiome. It’s super complicated.

On the lifestyle side, managing chronic inflammation, it’s about getting those foods out that irritate you. Stress creates some serious inflammation in a way that’s invisible and dangerous for us. Also, not sleeping and things like that. Tackle that by eating good foods and incorporating things that help manage inflammation and getting to bed and maybe having a small practice of meditation or something that would help down-regulate the system, that part would be easier to support you. Starting with the microbiome, from what I keep hearing, feels important.

The rest with aging is like, “You got me.” There are certain days I feel like I’m killing it and I’m like, “I’m not freaking out that I’m middle-aged.” There are certain days when I can hear the voice a little bit more. I’m not going to lie, for a woman, it’s all those messages that we have to keep at bay about how we look, our skin, and our weight. I don’t know if I’ve ever said this on the podcast where people say, “You still look pretty good.” It’s like, “I don’t know what that means. Are you measuring me against myself from 30 years ago? Thank you. I don’t know.” I try to block all that stuff out because that’s not about me. That’s what I got on aging, mobility, and some of those other things.

Water, this is the one where I wish I can get this right, we definitely need to drink a lot of it. There are some filters that come back with high ratings and there’s one called a Pristine Filter. By the way, all of this costs money so I fully acknowledge that. I’m not saying, “Get this.” I understand. I don’t work with these particular companies, Pristine filter, or Berkey. I know that tap water is not great and that we want to have trace minerals in our water. We use almost like salt water drops that we put in our water to help boost that. Calcium is important.

From the pitcher-type water, one of the pitchers that come back, and I know there are several good brands on the market, is clearly filtered. This is having that pitcher that deals with fluoride, lead, BPA, glyphosates, and 270 harmful chemicals. That one comes back strong. The tricky part is the house one because when you’re showering, you’re absorbing it through your skin. We have something in our house to deal with that. We do have a very fancy drinking water system by Ophora. It’s one of the best you can get. That’s what we’re doing. I don’t buy water in plastic bottles. I’m trying not to buy the plastic anyway, I just don’t do it. I certainly catch myself not drinking enough water.

There was a great flexibility and I believe his background was in wrestling, Matt Furey. You got to check him out. This guy is a big guy and he can not only stand on his head but he can almost do a face stand. That’s how flexible, strong, and powerful he is. One of the things that he said that I thought was so important is if you’re going to see him come do a workshop or what have you, I don’t know if he’s doing them anymore, he’s like, “Don’t even come to see me unless you’re hydrated. Your tissue is 30% more flexible if you’re hydrated.” If that means anything to you. I’m sharing areas that are all things I’m trying to be better at myself in 2023.

I was asked, what am I proud of? I don’t know if I respond to things like, “I feel proud.” I usually feel fortunate if that makes sense. We all know that we can do what we can do but if it’s going a certain way, it’s oftentimes because we’re also being blessed or were fortunate or some people would call it luck. I’m well aware that hard work and all of these things create these opportunities, believe me.

I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary, which felt interesting to me. I have been with Laird for over 27 years. I want to say this, there are two specific times that Laird and I could have easily not continued forward and got divorced, once when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and another time in 2000. I say that because it’s almost like we got through those.

If you’re in a long relationship, you will hit some serious bumps and hopefully, it’s not often. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t do the same mistakes over. Try to show up with this idea, “How can I support this person? What can I give this person? How do I make it easier?” I’m always fascinated by couples, it feels like they’re almost making it harder for each other. It’s hard enough. It’s not that I’m proud of that. I feel fortunate to have that opportunity to have found a person that I like and that we could have a family. Having said that, you take it day by day.

I also maybe feel good about the fact that, of course, I annoy my kids, but I feel like there’s a relationship there. It’s not perfect and no one, especially my youngest, isn’t running out wanting to get my opinion, my advice, or hang out with me but there is a real relationship there and that feels like the real stuff to me. All the other stuff feels fluffy whether it’s work or what have you. Those are the things that I’m going to continue to work for.

This is silly but I’m going to say it, one of the things is I’m going to lose six pounds. Why am I going to lose six pounds? I’m 182 right now. I’ve typically sat at about 175. I feel good at 175. I did start taking creatine. Do you see how I’m framing it now? I’m justifying it. It is true, they did correlate. When I started taking creatine, I did gain some weight. However, do you know when you want to make sure that you still can move left or right? For me, just saying, “I’m going to back it back down to 175 because I feel good there and I want to make sure I’m keeping an eye on it, that’s all.”

It was Benjamin Bikman that said, “Your metabolism doesn’t change until you’re 65.” I’m 6’3”, it distributes. You can’t tell but I can tell kind of thing. This goes along with the aging part, the more efficient, lean, healthy, and down to our essence with the strength we can be as we age, it’s better for us. That’s what I’m doing. How am I going to do that? Part of it too is my cardio got ramped down because my hip sucked and it hurts.

I’m looking at getting some stem cell treatment but I am ramping up at least my pool training cardio because I can do it. I’m tightening the ship even though it’s pretty tight on my eating even more and I’m making sure not to eat late. I don’t eat a bunch of crap. In a way, it’s probably going to be in the movement part. Also, I’m going to check my stress. Sometimes I feel like it’s my stress that can also create that inflammation I was talking about. I’m looking into all of that.

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One place that I heard that does a good job on stem cells is Cellular Performance Institute. We’ve had contact with them and spoken to them. There is a doctor in Utah, Dr. Harry Adelson, who’s also exploring different forms of it. Some of the rules are different in the US than in a place like Mexico where CPI is but I’m hearing good things. I’m going for that at some point and getting a little bit of a reboot. I do think that did slow me down.

I don’t want to make excuses for myself because that doesn’t change the way things are and that’s a tendency. It’s like, “It makes sense, my hip is hurt. I can’t go as hard.” You’re saying you want to make a change so how are you going to do that? You can’t sit there and say, “Why?” Make the change. How are you going to do that? It’s called the workaround. I got to come up with a workaround.

I’m coming up with a workaround to lose six or seven pounds, it’s specific. I’m going to continue to take the creatine because there’s too much data suggesting why it’s great. When I was coming up, in the 90s, at Gold’s Gym, you thought that was for guys who wanted big water weight and then you realize no and there are other things that it’s great for.

Coffee, how do I take my coffee? I have three shots of a dark roast espresso. I use unsweetened and the mocha Laird Superfood creamer together. I use the unsweetened to make it feel more creamy. Also, in my morning coffee and this is only once, I put a dollop of real coconut oil, ghee, Nutiva, I don’t work with them, and red palm. There are no orangutans involved in harvesting the meat from the red palm. Why I do that is I get so much fat so I get the energy from the caffeine and I get the fat for my brain and then I will eat at lunch. For lunch, plants and animals. It can be my biggest meal of the day. A lot of times, I used to blow through lunch sometimes and have an early dinner.

After talking to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and Dr. Stacy Sims, I’m trying to make sure I get enough protein, which is hard to do. The other thing I’m trying to figure out is could I figure out how to get the protein in my morning coffee. Laird and I have been talking about this, “Can we try to figure this out and do this with Laird Superfood? Maybe we have a protein creamer to start the day.” That first and last meal, what Dr. Lyon and Dr. Sims are saying, is beneficial. That is something I’m going to be looking into in 2023. It might be too much for coffee and people will be like, “Give me a break.” I just want to explore it nonetheless.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 45. I love caffeine. Give me Yerba Mate, let’s go. Once we started doing Laird Superfood in 2015, I learned how to drink coffee in a way that I enjoyed. The reason we do the dark is that it’s less caffeine. As you know, medium has more caffeine because it is roasted more so they’ve taken some of the caffeine out in the dark. With medium, I’m climbing the walls and my armpits start sweating. That’s no joke. I’m not ready for that.

Vitamins and supplements. I try to keep this pretty simple. I take a multi, it’s by Ritual. I have said that a lot in this podcast and that is true. Ritual scores high, which I like, objectively. I do take an omega. If you’re a vegetarian, they have wonderful brands from algae and other things so you don’t have to take fish oil if that’s not working for you. What I will tell you I know is Klean Athlete, it’s good for athletes. That means probably no funny business.

Nature Made is coming out with some of the best value supplements. I like Nordic for the Omega-3s. I don’t work with any of these companies. For my vegans, this is a brand that does a great job, Garden of Life and prenatal. FullWell comes out high with great ingredients. Pure Encapsulation, I like them as a brand in general. One that comes out good and a little more affordable is NOW. I do take some products from Dr. McColl like some of his vitamin Ds.

Finally, I do like the brand Thorne. Those are the brands I like. If you’re going to spend the money and time, figure out what quality, where they’re getting their stuff, do they have fillers, and what’s the absorption rate. I’m taking quercetin. I’m taking an omega. I’m taking a multi. I’m definitely taking D, zinc, and magnesium. I tend to take things the same. I try not to take them at the end of the day.

I know this sounds strange but if I take things too late in the day, I feel like they make me get up and go to the bathroom at night. Maybe it’s because I took it with water, I don’t know. I have seen that consistently enough that I take mine early in the day. Maybe some in the morning and some in the evening. Double-check on your supplements and which things you should take together or things that you don’t want to cancel out.

I also started taking a little bit of Shilajit and that’s also good to take with fat. I can have that with my morning coffee because I have all that coconut oil, Laird Superfood creamers, and all kinds of fats. That is helpful. I try to keep my supplementation pretty simple because otherwise, it gets too overwhelming. I won’t do it on a regular basis. I don’t think I’m unique. There’s this statistic that if it’s after three pills, the drop-off is 75%. I can get it done but it seems that I get it done better this way.

Something else that I have in my daily routine is I use ReBalance, these are herbs that are well formulated and they are for cortisol management and Lord knows I need that. In the morning I do cortisol, they have a morning one. I do one prior to dinner. I take the morning one after my coffee because it’s minty. At night, they have a bedtime one. It’s not meant to be a sleep aid but it does help with your sleep. That is an overview snapshot.

If you said to me, “What do you think I should take?” Most of us can’t get the good stuff out of our food so some kind of multi that feels good for you. I also like to add amino acids to my nutrition. Another brand that I like and it just came to me, I like Dr. Josh Axe. He’s got collagens, bone broth, and things like proteins and things like that. I would check that out and see what he has. We have an excellent vegan protein at Laird Superfood if you’re in the market for that because it has the entire profile for amino acids so it doesn’t give you that upset stomach, which a lot of vegan proteins can because they have an incomplete profile.

2023, I feel like we’ve all gone through this crazy situation with COVID from 2020 to now. I know they keep coming at us with a new thing that’s coming and quite a few people are getting sick so I’m not taking away from that. I feel like we all have our legs under us a little bit now as far as they might shut down and people are sick. There seem to be new types of viruses. I still feel like these last 2.5 years have helped us get our legs under it to deal with it. It’s not that I think that life is going to go back to normal but I feel that we’re prepared to go left or right and be nimble and not be like deer in headlights, which is how COVID felt in the beginning.

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Gabby Reece – Stress creates some serious inflammation in a way that’s invisible and dangerous for us.

One of my favorite words is productive. I’m hoping to dive into my businesses with XPT and Laird Superfood and this podcast and some other things and say, “It’s time. Now we’re all having to get back to work regardless and not only maintain but grow.” I said for two years that I thought that this was a time to maintain, for our children, work, and other things that it maybe was too difficult of a climate to try to expand and grow.

Yes, I know the market is going to be tough. I know the economy is going to have its challenges but it’s still going in with that more aggressive and creative attitude of, “Where’s the growth? Where can we find the growth and be willing to try even new things?” I haven’t been feeling that for a couple of years. Coming into ‘23, I feel reinvigorated that way. I’m sure you guys have your own version of that.

My priority is my well-being, sanity, and physical health, which was overall only okay for me with injuries and not feeling good, quite frankly, feeling stiff and feeling not highly functional. I’m going to be getting after that with doing a stem cell reboot and being a little softer. As we say, I have a lot of yang and I need to have some more yin, slower movements, softer movements, and attitude. I want to see how that works.

I have a podcast coming out in January 2023. There was a line from this person that I interviewed but it’s worth repeating. I don’t know if I said this before but we were talking about how this guest is the fourth head of the Harvard study and it’s all about meaning and purpose. Now, it’s the oldest study in America. There are maybe 32 people or 25. There were quite a few hundred people that were originally in this study and some of these guys are in their 90s now.

Across the board, they had guys who had everything and lost everything. They had presidents. They had it all. People who were poor then became wealthy and vice versa. I said, “We have the information, we have it all.” That’s true of all of us, we know how we should be eating, we know how we should be moving, how we should be responding, and how we should be treating each other and ourselves. We do know.

I asked them, “Why is it that you guys do this big long study? At 50, you could have said, ‘Who felt like they had a life filled with purpose and meaning?’ It was all the people who felt connected and connected to someone.” I said, “Why do we have to keep relearning that lesson?” He goes, “That is how we gain wisdom.” Maybe that’s it too. We go through the life lessons and then you get to a place where you’re like, “Not only do I have to be putting it into practice because I’m of the age now but the idea of not thinking you ever know anything but that you have the wisdom to respond accordingly.” Maybe I’d like to be a little wiser in 2023.

Sometimes I feel like with that wisdom comes toughness. I don’t think it’s just one way, you get clearer and leaner and you don’t have to be upset that somebody isn’t seeing it your way or isn’t thinking the way you think or doesn’t even agree with you. You don’t even have to get involved. Maybe they don’t even like you and that’s okay too, I have plenty of that, believe me. I have people that I’ve been close to that don’t like me anymore. That’s okay because we only have so much energy. What do you want to do with it?

I’m looking forward to 2023 but I don’t believe hanging great expectations on anything without a real strategy is such a good idea so I’m plotting my way out into it. I am putting different practices in place as I shared. Within that, I’m hoping to make the changes that I’m looking for because I could easily be a person who does the same thing over and over because it kind of works but then still, inside, be like, “I need to be a little bit different.” I’m trying to make those differences.

As far as Laird, his is the same, his New Year’s resolution is the same all the time, to laugh more and have more fun, and that’s part of the reason I married Laird because one of my biggest challenges is to have fun. For me, having fun is doing this or communicating in a genuine way with my friends, or breaking bread with my family. I don’t need a lot but there’s something to be said for little kids having fun. We can celebrate and incorporate some of Laird’s New Year’s resolutions and laugh more and have more fun.

I wanna thank you all for supporting this podcast so far and for spending time with me. My hope with this is to encourage you to keep doing it your way the best way that serves you in all forms of your health, your emotional health, your physical health, and your spiritual health, and that gives you the strength to help others because that’s important. I wish you a happy New Year and I send you wishes of love and lots of power to you and yours.

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