YourTango Facebook Event July 25th: Love & Compromise With Gabrielle Reece

Join us on Friday, July 26 when we chat with Gabrielle Reece about how to keep love growing.

In our latest campaign, Love Transforms, we’re exploring all the actions we take — and the sacrifices we make— as girlfriends, wives and mothers to strengthen our loving relationships.

Gabrielle Reece, former volleyball star, television host, model and author knows exactly what it means to take actions toward love. In her newest book,
My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper, Gabrielle reveals the ups and downs of marriage and how she navigated her relationship while on the brink of divorce.

Join our Facebook Event with Gabrielle Reece on July, 26 to chat all about how to keep our love thriving. We’ll talk about how we express love and the ways we  compromise in our relationships. Come share your stories and ask Gabrielle anything!

Here are the details:

What: During the hour-long Facebook event, Gabrielle will discuss the things we do in order to make our love grand. She’ll answer your questions about making compromises in loving relationships and how she keeps her relationship thriving. We invite you to come voice your opinions, share your stories and find out how to strengthen your love life.

When: Friday, July 26 from 1:30 PM — 3:30 PM EST

Where: Facebook

Who: YourTango and Gabrielle Reece will be hosting the party.

How: When the party starts, we’ll create a Facebook post where Gabrielle can provide answers to your questions. We invite fans to weigh in on the topics on the thread.

See you on 7/26!