StandUp Paddle, A New Fun Way To Exercise

I think the intimidation of doing something different or a sport that takes equipment can keep women from trying NEW activities.  I love stand up paddling because I can organize all of the equipment myself.  Even though the boards are large they are easy enough to throw on your car, store near a launching place, or have in the back of your truck and go!

This morning the weather was favorable, and the mood was not, so I called two of my friends to meet me for some paddling.  I don’t care what head space I’m in, a little paddling provides for good therapy.  I put my music on, lathered up with sun block and got moving.  The sport is rhythmic, accessible, and once you get the hang of it- a GREAT workout.  I also love the fact that it has no impact on my joints and you feel yourself working all these little stabilizer muscles you never knew you had.  Oh, and let’s not forget the impact it has on one’s waistline.

My husband Laird does stand up paddle surfing which is all well and good for him.  Me personally, I enjoy paddling in calm water and using it as an additional training tool that helps me get OUTSIDE in nature.

If you live near any body of water you can enjoy stand up paddling, and I don’t care who you are, you can do it.  It’s not about being super athletic or aqua man, it’s about being willing to stand on a giant board and putting forth some effort.  I can’t tell you how many days I don’t even get my hair wet paddling.  These boards are stable!
Lastly, the camaraderie I can experience by doing this activity with friends is so fun.  We don’t even have to talk, we are all on our boards listening to our own music, and just pushing each other along.  We call the quickest paddler (which is not me) our rabbit.

This sport is one that you are never to old to learn, and never to young to do.  Obviously it’s about taking advantage of the right weather conditions so as soon as it warms up, give it a try.

Written by Gabby Reece