Welcome to Day 5 of the 2022 Experiment. Today’s focus is on your GETTING NATURAL.

We have lined up 4 fun goals for the final day.

1) COMMUNE WITH DIRT | Get on the ground, interact with germs to boost your immune system @drjeffreybland 
EPISODE July 11, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: The Founder of Functional Medicine | Dr. Jeffrey Bland on Apple Podcasts

2) CONNECT WITH NATURE | Get Outside – Walk barefoot to be more attuned, hear the birds and insects, get some vitamin d. Being outdoors is a connection between the mental and spiritual aspect. @kylegillettmd
EPISODE April 25, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: Dr. Kyle Gillett: Health Optimization for Our Mind, Body & Spirit + Hormone Health Tips & Microbiome Discussion on Apple Podcasts

3) PAUSE THE TECHNOLOGY | Unplug – @JimQuick shares his Insight into the 4 D’s:
Digital Deluge (overload)
Digital Distraction (loss of focus)
Digital Dementia (loss of memory)
Digital Deduction (loss of the ability to think for yourself)
Can you take some time for yourself?
EPISODE March 7, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: Jim Kwik: The Boy with the Broken Brain; Becoming Limitless & A Top CEO Brain Coach on Apple Podcasts

4) FUN | Have some fun – Do something for the sake of enjoyment and enjoyment only @lairdhamilton What will be your ‘fun’ of choice?
EPISODE August 22, 2022 The Gabby Reece Show: Laird Hamilton: Dealing with Injury & Recovery, Mindsets on Pain & Progress on Apple Podcasts