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Another one down.

Just had another birthday. One of my daughters wasn’t feeling well, we just moved, and the day before we threw a party for my youngest so I was satisfied with hanging out at home. As in great Laird fashion he manages to still make it easy on me, but finding the way to shine a special light my way. I won’t lie I don’t need hoopla, but I am never offended when I get to feel special. It’s nice for all of us and important from time to time.

He organized to have a lovely dinner cooked at home with my close friends on Island, and we simply gathered. I feel honored to have so many good friends here and around the planet. The true way one measures their richness is by the depths of their relationships. The girls were happy for any opportunity for cupcakes and yes, flour-less chocolate cake for me.
I’m celebrating my special day, but more importantly every day.
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