OMG!!! Posing for ESPN’s The Body Issue

I must admit this wasn’t an easy decision for Laird and I. We aren’t in our twenties anymore or even thirties for that matter and definitely have some scars to prove it. But we take our health and fitness seriously not only for our jobs but for life. We know we increase our chances of being happy and vibrant if we continue to move our bodies and fuel them as best as we know how. We both are lucky in that its not a struggle for us, its become our passion and our drug. We have such a great community of friends that share the same desires and goals it makes this part of our lives fun and consistent. I lead highx workouts 3 days a week with a large group (M,W,F), and Laird leads his gym or (SurfNTurf) workouts as he calls it 3 days a week with his group. We then both do XPT (Extreme Pool Training) Tuesdays,Thursdays,Saturdays with a large group of people; men and women, athletes and trainers, actors, musicians, Moms, Dads, philanthropists, heck even magicians. We welcome those that are passionate about training and recovery and overall good body maintenance. Physical exercise reveals a lot about who we are, what we are made of. Someone that you think this is super tough might not be able to push through a set that someone who appears to be more docile so to speak. It’s fun for us to experience these emotions, the grit, the perseverance each day. It is definitely a bonding experience when you begin to lean on others for support, encouragement, and trust. When you are doing something that is a bit uncomfortable but you have someone there saying I see you, I am with you, I have your back, you are able to push yourself much more than if you were alone. That is why my highx group workout is so successful, you have the support of your teammate and all the other groups pushing through the same uncomfortableness which results in triumph and feeling successful.

Orlando Bloom recently joined our XPT group and just like you we were thinking I wonder if he can handle even a day of training with us. And you know what, he is one of the most hard working guys out there. You never know whats inside someone until they are given the opportunity to let it out. Some high powered executives we know take a little bit more nurturing and support. It doesn’t matter what title you have in this world, your inner strength and courage is all revealed when you get down to pushing yourself beyond your expected limits.

Back to the #BodyIssue, for us in the end if a couple of people get inspired to eat a little healthier and workout more than its all worth it. We are health and fitness advocates and we are here to tell you if you are able to move (workout) do it, even if its just for 30 minutes a day. And take what you are feeding your body a little more seriously. Our bodies react to food, it may not be instantly but at some point it lets you know when its not happy.

Here are a couple photos they choose to put in the magazine:

Gabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton CREDIT: Peggy SirotaGabrielle Reece and Laird Hamilton CREDIT: Peggy Sirota
Here are some behind the scenes photos:
Gabby Reece Surf
Laird Hamilton truck
Photoshoot bts