Tsunami Precautions

On Saturday the state of Hawaii was put on a tsunami alert following the devastating 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile.  In pure Laird form he was up and at em’ first thing in the morning moving all vehicles to high ground.  Here are a few photos of Laird moving my dingy out of the river, putting jet ski’s in the trailer, moving trucks, and tractors.

Luckily the water barely surged in and out a few inches, and then everything went back to normal for us.

We drove to the end of our road to take a look around and ran into an old friend of Laird’s (George the Greek). He was on his way to pick up his horse who was staying at a friend’s place during the warning. He was kind enough to let my girls visit with Royal his horse. Nothing like a Sunday drive.

Laird is back at it today, and since the day is a bit windy the choice of fun was the foil board.  He and Terry Chung are foiling in the middle of the bay.  Everyone seems a bit tired, and I attribute it to the emotional situation of waiting to see if there was in fact going to be a damaging tsunami.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families dealing with the earthquake that struck Chile.

Best, Gabby