Gabby Reece Paddle

I know for a lot of people the idea of making lifestyle changes, losing weight, starting exercise, getting out of or away from unhealthy relationships etc. can be overwhelming.  The idea behind the fitness boot camp isn’t “let’s get perfect and be in our size 7’s in just X amount of days”.  Blah!  We just wanted to continue to create starting points to do some things better.  Improvement of any kind is a life long quest.  None of us ever arrive or get there.  No way, it’s just about getting up each day willing to try your best, and make changes for the better where you can.

Please don’t look at your goals weeks or years ahead; baby steps.  Just wake up each morning and re commit yourself to trying to eat healthier, relieving stress, and exercising.  I think it’s like marriage.  I have been with my husband almost fifteen years, but I don’t just think we are going to stay married.  I wake up every morning and re-dedicate myself to being the best wife, friend, and partner I can be.  Granted I do it better on certain days, but the intention of pursuing the improvements is always there.

These types of challenges are just a tiny little speck in the big picture of good health.  We just thought it would be a nice idea to say “hey, here’s another opportunity”.
I wish you the best, and remember that no goal or situation worth obtaining is ever easy or happens over night.  Without lying it on thick please remind yourself that all things really are possible, and not to give up.

Written By Gabby Reece