Tiny Bubbles

Since we live on an island six months of the year I figured it was a good idea to attempt a little “culture” for my girls on a quick stop to NYC.  Reece my six year old had just done a song from WICKED in a dance class so WICKED was the show of choice.  Here I am so smart, and planning ahead to bring everyone to a Broadway experience.

I know all of you think Laird and I live a perfect life and have perfectly cooperative children.  Well, no one told me about the dragon hanging on the ceiling.  Here we are just nestling into our seats when Brody my 2 year old (and 9 months) looks up and sees this giant dragon hanging from the rafters.  We proceed to shuck and jive to convince her that the fairies are flying on top of the dragon and just don’t worry.  Yea, curtain up, enter crazy Wizard of Oz monkeys and cue the red eyes and smoke from the dragon’s mouth.  Brody claims that she wants to leave now.

Laird took her out and walked the streets of the city for the first act while I enjoyed myself with Reece at the show.  During intermission we switched out, and he went into the second act with a quick download of what we had watched thus far. I took Brody out and about and all I can say is Amen for street venders.  Some guys were selling a bubble blowing toy that was good for 45 minutes of fun.  Here I am with Brody watching her blast bubbles out into a rainy sky.  It may not have been quite as fun as act 2, but it was pretty great.

I am taught over and over by children to live in what is, and not what I planned.  I will have a lifetime to follow a plan, but this is the time to go with the flow.

Needless to say I quite enjoyed the first act, and even enjoyed Reece’s explanation of what happened in the second act even more.  Nothing like a six year old trying to give you the run down over dinner.
Here is to staying flexible, and savoring the moments.

Best, Gabby