Time to Party and Move this Fourth of July

Something about the Fourth of July just makes me feel like I should eat a hot dog and savior the sweet Summer time air.  A day when you know there will be fun, sun, BBQ, fireworks and the action will go long into the evening, especially since night fall doesn’t even arrive until 9.  It’s about being bare foot and playing.  Not many official holidays have such mandates as eating eat watermelon, playing with fire, and getting into any type of water.

Fourth of July Fitness Ideas
Being the summer time event none of the kids are in school, so why not start the day off by doing something that gets everybody in the right mood?  How about a dip in the pool?  A family bike ride?  Maybe get the kids from the neighborhood and go bounce on someone’s trampoline. A family road trip to the beach. When you start your day off by doing something active and enjoyable it just makes the rest of the afternoon that much better.  I’m not talking about hitting the gym with little Suzie.  I’m describing a scene where as a family you go do something before locking down for Fourth of July festivities.  It’s almost as if you are slipping in exercise as a part of your day and not an activity that is always viewed as separate from fun or our daily lives.  What a concept.  Just head out to the front lawn and throw the football.

Reap the Benefits
Use this opportunity to play with your kids, chat and connect with them, and get you out of your adult. The times we share together are so precious, and summer time is always a season we store in our memory banks for life.  The rituals you start and practice with your children will not only be the ones they recall with great fondness, but one’s they will in turn do with their families.

I find myself talking so much to my kids.  Lots of words and nagging.  I know they appreciate it when Mom zips it and just pops in the pool.  So amazing how they stop quarreling and I get off their backs when we are on the fun train.  Medicine and a cure for all.

Let us not overlook how fortunate we are to have the freedom to experience these things.

Happy Fourth of July, and my best to you and your family.