The truth of the matter is that I actually met Laird interviewing him for a TV show over 24 years ago. I know him as beefcake or lover, but my first guest is known as a Big Wave Surfer as well as the tow-in and stand up paddle pioneer. He didn’t make me cry on that first meeting, but he did manage to catch me off guard during this one. He discusses why he keeps pushing himself after all these years, and we get into some personal elements of our marriage.

You think Laird is just some daredevil, but what you will find is that he is a deep feeling person, trying to navigate parenting, love, life and aging- just like the rest of us.  He definitely has a lot of good tips and reminders, and he also shares some issues he is still wrestling with. Laird has such an interesting perspective from growing up on Kauai, risking his life for his sport, and letting Mother Nature be his Master professor.

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