Take Control of Your Health

By Gabby Reece

In a time of feeling like everything is out of control; war, economy, strange weather, kids etc, this is THE BEST TIME to take control of your health.

I know I sound like a broken CD, but in reality there really is so little we are in control of. I personally like to plan for the future and act like I am in control, but deep down inside I know the joke is on me. Who really knows what tomorrow brings?

Which leads me to the now, and the things you can choose to do:

*You can choose to take care of yourself.

*You can choose to stick things in your mouth that will serve your body, and overall health.

*You can choose to stress out about every little thing not happening or happening around you (traffic, rude people, children dropping glasses of grape juice on your new floor), whatever.

*You can choose how you’re going to treat others.
How you are going to react to your partner regardless of their choices they are making in their own behavior? Are you going to let some unhappy knuckle head at work who is choosing to somehow take some of their garbage out on you get in your way or take you out of your game? We really have so little control, but in the areas we do, why are we all not maximizing our ability to make GREAT choices?

*Strive to be all we can be.

*Try to conduct ourselves as graciously as we are humanly able at that moment (believe me I know about being human and things ebbing and flowing).

*Exercise as often as we can or create a moment.

*Eat foods that are about health and not about emotion.

*Display tolerance for others.

*Try to be positive.

*Let others deal with their own choices. You deal with yours.

*Don’t get caught up in the gossip about you, and don’t waste any time on things that no matter how much you “discuss” them don’t change the outcome.

2012 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.