Never Ending Challenges

By Gabby Reece

I think I end up starting new challenges weekly.  I have the one month challenge, the no chocolate or bread challenge, the only drink water challenge, and the list goes on and on.  What I do like about setting a clear cut goal is it does create a STARTING POINT which I think is critical, and a very focused goal.  I will exercise for 30 minutes, 6 days a week, end of story.  I will not shove any wheat products in my mouth, period.  If I give myself any open window I’m never as disciplined as when I just shut the door.  A crack in the window ends up being the entire side of the house gone, and before you know it, it’s Nutella on baguettes (god, I love those). No matter how in shape (or not) your new goals and challenges are imperative to the continued pursuit of fitness.

My new thing has been biking, and lately I have had the luxury of getting my tail kicked by our dear friend Mr. Don Wildman (who by the way is 77).  Not only has he been a great riding partner who pushes the pace, but he has also been gracious enough to divulge little tricks of the trade to help me become a better rider; especially on the dirt, and in areas that I would be to chicken to tackle on my own.  Have you ever fallen with clips on?  That is some fun stuff.

I know it may be cold where you are and a less than desirable environment to start a new challenge, but what better time is it to get going than NOW? I encourage and support all of you, and may you be hugely successful at whatever challenge you have set up for yourself.  Remember, even if it’s only a day long challenge take on something that you have been wanting to get to.  Baby steps or sprints, it’s just about continuous forward movement.  Don’t judge yourself or compare to how someone else is moving through their life.

And since baby steps seem to be the best way to start, our Flip Challenge is a great starting point for you.  Each day the goals we have set for you  are small yet effective, use this as a stepping stone to get you going.  After all  my goal here  is to support and inspire YOU!

Oh, and by the way besides trying to train really hard,  my goals include desperately avoiding bread and wheat products of any kind as well as spending more quality time with my family and enjoying and really listening to them.

2012 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.