My Husband

I realized that my husband is very much like an elephant. No you perverted minds out there not physically, but in a “I go at it alone” way. They meet up with the female and kids once or twice a year and then after they connect, off they go. Into the jungle, alone.

As women we tend to think men should feel and act like us. Normal. I have been with my husband for almost 13 years and he is a good man. He loves me, and is pretty diligent about showing it. Laird is a great Dad, and loves his daughters. He works hard, isn’t perfect, but always strives to be better, and is painfully honest. What am I saying? I was looking at him today and realized that he as a man has an eternal struggle of wanting to be free (out in nature, with the boys, or whatever the particular males calling) and wanting to be at home with his family. Part of it is nature, and yes part of it is being born with TESTOSTERONE.

I’m bringing this up because it’s been something I have started to realize and not take personally. Laird and I have had the opportunity to talk about it, and it’s given me more insight into the male path. I have found it so critical to continue to focus on the things I can control.

Believe me another person is not one of them. If I feel frustrated or hurt by my husbands’ actions, rather than being quick to anger or take it to heart, I’m trying to watch and understand. What ends up happening is we avoid a lot of friction and drama, and through the years we have had more exchanges about what life is like for each of us. Yes, we are a couple and a family, but he and I will both go through things in this life that aren’t a reflection of how much we love or appreciate the other.

So, yes, it is about ways to be healthier, and all I can say is ladies don’t take it personal, and believe me you will lower that stress.