My Best Weight Loss Tricks

By Gabby Reece

You know how I feel about “magic pills” or “just eight minutes a day” re: weight loss.  There really is no big secret it’s still about calories in being less than calories burned.  Having said that I do use a couple little tricks to jump start weight loss. When I get away from my ideal weight I do use a few habits to help me go down to the weight I feel best at.  Remember you can look at me and think it’s easy, but we all have our set weight and if you don’t change it up drastically it’s hard for everyone to lose pounds.

1.  Soup or a Broth for Dinner
When I say soup I don’t mean lobster bisque.  I mean clear dairy free soups that aren’t’ a ton of work for the body to digest.  There is a lot of favorable information to giving your organs and digestion a break now and again by creating a 16 hour window you don’t eat; basically making 4pm a last meal until morning.  Do this a few times a week when you are jump starting your weight loss and you will find it very effective?  Eden DuCrest gave me a broth recipe that simply was water, a red potato, and celery.  Cook it all together and then put the broth only in a bowl. Then add nutritional yeast and voila dinner.  I know I know brutal, but it can get you thru it.  When you find yourself hungry drink a giant glass of water.

2.  Take wheat, gluten, refined sugar, and dairy out of your diet
This is difficult but incredibly effective.  If you get these ingredients out of your diet you will lose weight. Period.

3. Only Drink Water and Unsweetened Teas
Americans consume 20% of their calories via the liquids they drink.  Take these out and you are on your way to cutting your calorie consumption by 1/5.  Not bad. UNLESS your liquid is actually a smoothie or a meal replacement drink. These are meal replacements not beverages…

4.  Cut It In Half
Whatever meal you are eating eat only half.  We need so little to function on, but we have just been hard wired to over eat; big portions and big plates.  We don’t need that much food to be full and have to re think what a meal looks like.

5.  Don’t Do It Alone
Enlist a partner or a friend to take on one or more of these lifestyle changes.  It’s too difficult to climb this mountain alone

6.  Get Away From the Fridge
If you find you are bored or stressed get out of the house.  First thing we all do is walk straight over for the blank stare into the fridge. Go out!

Anyone of these methods will be very helpful in jumpstarting a weight loss environment ESPECIALLY if you are moving 30 minutes a day.  You don’t have to kill yourself but why not work with yourself as you are trying to accomplish these goals.

GO get em’, Gabby

2008 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.