Maybe we are ready

It’s no secret that our country is not in the best of shape.  We can look at our waist lines and children’s reading scores and know this.  I am not going to rant about diabetes, the pharmaceutical business, medical insurance, NO PE for kids in school, our educational system, the food industry or TV.   Not going to.  I just re watched the movie “Waiting for Superman” which if you have not had the chance to view it’s more than worth your time.  If you have already seen the film, then you know that you walk away from it feeling bewildered about the system, and hopeful about the individuals who are making change one child at a time.

Normally my posts are about “how to get excited about exercise”  “10 great ways to improve your diet” you know meaningful and incredibly original things I come up with.  After all it’s a revelation for everyone that eating less calories, consuming foods that are real, and exercise is a good thing.  Gasp, never heard that one before.

Alright I don’t wear snarky well anyway.  My point is for quite some time we have been going into a nose dive as a culture and country.  While I was driving in my car today I had a zinger of a thought.  Since the way it’s been going  (big businesses’ pouring out crap, cheap food that makes us sick, over worked and over stressed schedules,  families not having a real chance at getting their children a solid education) we are now in the NOSE DIVE.  It may not be quite the same as a plane where it takes minutes.  This NOSE DIVE has been taking decades.  However, I think the ground is becoming visible.  That’s great!  Know why?  I have all the faith in the world that our instincts are still somewhat in tact.  That our innate protector is not all the way beaten out of us.  I believe that our desire, our drive to SURVIVE is stronger than our urge to keep eating drive thru ,drinking pops loaded with sugar, and the need to get a good deal at all costs.

Small companies are seizing the opportunities of providing alternative products and services.  These groups will begging to take market shares from some of the big boys.  We as natural beings will have to make some real decisions in the near by future.  Do we just zone out, pop a few pills, eat a few fries to feel better, and sit on the computer or couch to let life go by.  Or will we decide we have had enough and we want to be a part of the change that is needed?  I think we can do it.  Granted there will always be GREED and the easy way, but we can certainly improve their location in our ideology.

What we want to do on our site is just be an alternative voice and place of support for people who are making change or want to go at it a little better.  Since I am talking about movies then watch I AM, and receive the premise that we are all connected.  Your success is good for me.  My prayer is that we band together, help ourselves,  help our families, and community.

Best, Gabby