Ladies You Need To Initiate Sex

You think there isn’t enough time to work out try having a sex life after you have kids.  This is like some deep dark secret that married people only joke about around singles.  Once I was married then I understood what the joke was all about.

I have been married to my husband for over 10 years and am just now starting to figure out how to make sure we have enough time alone (if you know what I mean).  I really don’t know much but ladies I do know that WE NEED TO INITIATE sex.  Men don’t care if you are into it or not, or if you are just initiating it because you know it’s been a few days, they just want you to get naked.  We over think it, and put the unfair onus on the man to initiate sex (most of the time).  Poor guy has to figure out if it’s the right time, as my husband says “are the stars and the planets all lining up”?  We spend more time doing the dance or avoiding getting down to business because we’ve had a long day, aren’t in the mood, just coming from kid world, whatever.  Look at your guy and say “meet me in our room and take your clothes off.”  Done!  He’s happy, your house is a better place, you ultimately will get into it once you’re in the moment, and you will feel good because you know that intimacy is an important part of the relationship.  It isn’t everything, of course not, but it is more important to him then to you so give it up.

Oh yes and to you men out there foreplay really happens OUTSIDE of the bedroom.  You can’t act like a knuckle head all day long and then say “you wanna do it” and think that’s going to fly.  Respect and cherish your woman and you will see how those are some of the most romantic gifts you can give.  My husband always says “happy wife, happy life”.  Amen.  Girls get going!

by Gabby Reece