HIGHX Malibu says Aloha Gabby!

It’s that time of year again when the Hamilton’s move back to Kauai to get settled in for Laird’s bigwave season. No sad faces in this family as who would complain living half of the year in Malibu and the other half in Kauai? However family and friends do shed a few tears when they need to say their goodbyes. This past week Gabby’s workout group HIGHX Malibu sent her off in style by working harder than ever in their last HIGHX class of ’14 and showering her with new HIGHX gear, good food, and lots of hugs – Kelly Meyer style…

This was an extra special HIGHX party as HIGHX is set to launch globally and hit gyms in 2015. All of Gabby’s participants in Kauai and her special friends in Malibu are very proud of Gabby; her hard work, her determination, and her drive to bring this amazing new workout to the masses. Congratulations Gabby!


Group PhotoGabby Reece